8 Pop Culture Poodle Skirts

by |July 16, 2014
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Pop Culture Poodle Skirts


Poodle skirts and 1950s style ensembles have been costume party staples for decades. With flattering A-Line silhouettes, girly scarves, flirty accessories, and shiny saddle shoes, it's understandable why! But we got to thinking...why should poodles be the only stars of the show? There are LOTS of other dogs that would look great, proudly parked in the corner of a demure fifties skirt.

With that premise, we bring you pop culture poodle skirts - a twist on the traditional retro-style, where the classic poodle has been replaced by 8 famous cartoon dogs, and the outfits are themed accordingly. There are looks for conventional animated pups like Pluto and Scooby-Doo, and even non-traditional "dogs" like Dino from The Flintstones! Enjoy these DIY poodle skirt ideas!


1. Disney: Pluto Poodle Skirt

Pluto Poodle Skirt

Isn't this precious? Some Minnie-inspired yellow saddle shoes, white satin gloves, and a sweet mouse ear headband transform this 50's gal into a shoo-in for the Mousketeers!


Close Up:

Close up of Pluto Poodle Skirt

That's not a poodle, it's a Plutle.


Products Used:

Mickey Mouse Pluto Poodle Skirt

Minnie Mouse Ears        Cropped White Gloves       Ankle Socks

Bad Sandy Top        Red Poodle Skirt      Yellow Shoes 


2. The Flintstones: Dino Poodle Skirt

Flintstones Dino Poodle Skirt

It's a Yabba Dabba Doodle skirt! We made this fifties look Bedrock-chic by adding white stone accessories, a darling cavegirl wig, and some winged pink polka sunglasses.


Close up:

Dino Poodle Skirt Close up

Does anyone know where we can get a Dino for ourselves? Fred never appreciated him, anyway.


Products Used:

Dino Flintstone Poodle Skirt

Cave Girl Wig        Ankle Socks

Sexy Wilma Costumes       Blue Poodle Skirt



3. Scooby-Doo Poodle Skirt

Velma Poodle Skirt Scooby-Doo

Jinkies! We channeled Velma in this easy-to-recreate look, which just may be our favorite. All you need are some orange knee socks, red mary janes, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and a turtleneck. (Plus a propensity for solving crimes if you REALLY want to sell the look.)


Close Up:

Close up of Scooby-Doo Poodle Skirt

It could also be fun to grab a gal pal and have her put together a matching Daphne-inspired Scooby-Doo outfit. A green scarf, red wig, and some purple accessories would do the trick.


Products Used:

Scooby-Doo Poodle Skirt

Velma Turtleneck         Black Rimmed Glasses         Black Scarf

Red Mary Jane Heels         Orange Socks        Red Poodle Skirt



4. Peanuts: Snoopy Poodle Skirt

The Peanuts Snoopy Poodle Skirt

For this style, we wanted to capture the essence of Snoopy's adorable Red Baron character. We chose an aviator cap and aviator glasses and topped it off with a signature red scarf to complete the high-flying look.


Close Up:

Close up of Snoopy Poodle Skirt

Good grief that Snoopy is a cutie-pie!


Products Used:

Snoopy Poodle Skirt

Aviator Hood         Aviator Glasses         Red Scarf        Black Poodle Skirt


5. Garfield: Odie Poodle Skirt

Garfield Odie Poodle Skirt

This sassy fifties look might leave John Arbuckle a little speechless, but that didn't stop us! A scoop neck top, Odie clutch, and some cute Garfield kitty ears complete the outfit.


Close Up:

Odie Poodle Skirt Close Up

We had to opt for a red poodle skirt to match Odie's famous tongue!


Products Used:

Odie Poodle Skirt

 Bad Sandy Top          Garfield Costumes

Red Poodle Skirt              Red Heels



6. Adventure Time: Jake Poodle Skirt

Adventure Time Jake Poodle Skirt

Jake and his wiggly arms are so excited to be the star of this Adventure Time themed 1950s garb. We threw in a fuzzy Fionna hood, the iconic green backpack, and topped it off with some sparkly rhinestone glasses.


Close Up:

Jake Poodle Skirt Close Up

Oh my glob! Put him on a skirt right now!


Products Used:

Jake Adventure Time Poodle Skirt

Adventure Time Sweater Dress 


7. Family Guy: Brian Poodle Skirt

Brian Family Guy Poodle Skirt

Brian is a classy, sassy, kind of K-9, so we chose a classy, sassy, kind of pin-up dress to match. Some rockin' tattoo print tights and a martini top off the look.


Close Up:

Brian Poodle Skirt close up

Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?


Products Used:

Brian poodle skirt Family Guy

Blonde Pin-Up Wig


8. The Jetsons: Astro 1950s Style

Jetsons Poodle Skirt with Astro

The idea of the poodle skirt can apply to more than...well...skirts. Cigarette pants were also a popular retro style (just ask "Bad Sandy" from Grease). We pumped up the attitude with this Jetsons inspired outfit, and stuck Astro on the top this time!


Products Used:

Astro Poodle Skirt


Any cartoon pups we missed? Is this kind of costume twist something you might want to try out yourself this year? If traditional sock hop style is more your thing, you're welcome to browse our complete selection of 1950's costumes and accessories!

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