The Mark of Batman: The Evolution of an Icon [Infographic]

Batman Icon Evolution Infographic


Holy Batman Day, Batman! Do not adjust the contrast on your screen. You read correctly: BATMAN DAY! It's a thing, and it's happening this July 23, 2014, as part of Batman's 75th Anniversary celebration this year. We support any way you plan on celebrating this momentus occasion, be it hosting an all day Batman movie marathon, constructing your own DIY Bat-Signal, or simply covering the top half of your face and speaking in a husky voice all day. WE chose to honor The Caped Crusader by creating a visual history of the focal point of The Dark Knight's costume, the iconic bat symbol! Enjoy this fascinating progression, and you're welcome to click the image below for a larger version.


Batman Symbol Infographic

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What do you think? Are you able to pick a favorite bat symbol? Let us know in the comments below. We're also curious to hear how and if you plan on celebrating Batman Day. We might just pick up a bunch of Batman costumes and run around town forming a group of vigilante crime fighters. Then again, that doesn't sound particularly legal.

Aleksandra Sobic
Aleksandra Sobic

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