4 Geeky Christmas Trees!

by |December 18, 2013
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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how geeky are your branches? Baubles and bangles are great for creating classically beautiful Christmas trees, but you know what's even more fun? Stormtrooper helmets, magic wands, ruby slippers, and inflatable KISS tongues! We had a blast repurposing a bunch of costumes and accessories to create 4 awesomely geektastic Christmas trees. We hope these make you giggle, guffaw, and inspire you to create a geeky tree of your own!


4 Geeky Christmas Trees



1. Star Wars Tree

Star Wars Christmas Tree

Who wouldn't want to curl up on a furry Wampa rug with a mug of eggnog and take in the beauty of this tree? It's sure to impress geeks from any galaxy. Never fear if you don't have a Star Wars tree skirt- add a Wampa rug to add Star Wars pizzazz from top to bottom!


Products Used

Products Used to Make Star Wars Tree

Tree Topper: Stormtrooper Mask          Tree Skirt: Vampire Cape

Silver Beads         Blue Boa         Star Wands

Darth Vader Backpack         AT-AT Plush          Death Star Plush



2. Harry Potter Tree

Harry Potter Christmas Tree

We tried to visit platform 9 3/4 for inspiration for our Hogwarts tree, but all we came back with were bruises! Thankfully we managed on our own. Can you ask for a better tree topper than Hedwig??


Products Used

Products Used to Make Harry Potter Tree

Tree Topper: Hedwig Prop         Tree Skirt: Harry Potter Robe

Gold Beads         Hogwarts Banner          Gryffindor Scarf

All Harry Potter Accessories



3. Wizard of Oz Tree

Wizard of Oz Christmas Tree

What if The Wicked Witch of the East didn't get smooshed by a house, and instead got squashed by a Christmas tree? Either way, ding dong she's dead and this tree is fabulous from the yellow brick road tree skirt to the Glinda crown tree topper!


Products Used

Products Used to Make Wizard of Oz Tree

Tree Topper: Glinda Crown         Tree Skirt: Yellow Brick Tunic

Plush Toto         Wicked Witch Prop          Yellow Boa

All Wizard of Oz Accessories



4. KISSmas Tree

KISSmas Tree

Sometimes "too much" is "just enough." That is definitely the case with this KISSmas tree, complete with inflatable Gene Simmons tongues.


Products Used

Products Used for KISSmas Tree

Tree Skirt: Vampire Cape        Tree Topper: Firehouse Hat

Silver Beads          Star Wands          Red Boa

All KISS Accessories

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