Disneybound in Style on These Unofficial Dress-Up Days!

by |June 10, 2024

Disneybound in Style on These Unofficial Dress-Up Days

Most people know that Disney Parks have strict dress codes, which forbid visitors from wearing Disney costumes. They don't want costumed guests to get confused for character actors, which might ruin someone's Disney Parks experience. However, both official and unofficial Disney dress-up days allow park guests to wear costumes or themed Disneybound outfits. It's easy to find official dress-up days because they're on the events calendar, but what about the unofficial theme days at Disney Parks? We'll share a list of unofficial dress-up days at Disney so you can participate in the fun, too!

Because outside organizations run these events, you'll have to find dates on their hosting pages, which may change from year to year. Some events may also be canceled or discontinued depending on participation and budget. Also, pay attention to which Disney Park your event is at! Many of these are hosted at Disneyland in California, not Walt Disney World in Florida. When you have all the details ironed out, it will be a fun day at Disney!


1. Dapper Day

Women in Vintage Dresses

Dapper Day was first organized in 2011 by designer Justin Jorgensen, who wanted to bring Walt Disney's 1950s Disney Parks concept sketches to life. Men and boys wear suits, while women and girls wear vintage dresses and skirts. People participating in Dapper Day generally wear mid-century formal attire. Dapper Day generally occurs twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Dates can change yearly, so you have to check in with the official organizer annually.


2. Gay Days

People Wearing Red

Gay Days has a long history at Disney, going back to 1991. About 3,000 gay and lesbian people arrived in Walt Disney World, with the only rule being to wear red. Since then, the event has grown in popularity, with Gay Days at both United States Disney Parks. The tradition of wearing red is still present, so don't forget to pack your favorite red apparel!


3. Pinup Parade in the Park

Women in Pinup Outfits

Pinup Parade in the Park is an annual event hosted by Pinup Girl Clothing, usually in the spring, around April or May. Women dress up in pinup-like outfits, often with a Disneybounding theme. A second event may also be held in the fall, which is usually a spookier villain-themed affair—but still focuses on pinup styles. Many of these outfits are assembled or completely DIY, although you can add fun touches with Disney accessories.


4. Glow Disneyland

Girl With Lightsaber

Glow Disneyland is one of several events run by the One Big Disney Family Entertainment group. Participants wear glow-in-the-dark outfits and bring glow sticks, lightsabers, glowing Mickey ears, and other accessories that light up when it gets dark. Participants often meet up to take pictures and get in line for ride takeovers so you can enjoy all the glow-in-the-dark fun!


5. Pajama Jam

Adult Stitch Union Suit

Adult Stitch Union Suit

The Pajama Jam is another unofficial Disney Parks event held by the One Big Disney Family Entertainment group. All types of pajamas are encouraged, as long as they're family-friendly and Disney-themed! You can see everything from regular lounge-wear pajamas to union suits, onesies, and character kigurumis. Don't forget to keep an eye on the  One Big Disney Family Entertainment's page for dates and details!


6. Bats Day

Alt Fashion Women

Bats Day is less of a dress-up affair than it is a day for goth, deathrocker, industrial, and other similar dark subcultures to descend on Disneyland and have a fun day with people dressed like them. The event may also be called "Bats Day in the Fun Park" because it's not an official Disney event. Make sure to check out the organizers' event page for details, as well as fun prize-winning opportunities and photo ops!


7. Steam Day

Steampunk Couple Costume

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Steampunk, but make it Disney! Steam Day is another unofficial Disney event in May, where people Disneybound with steampunk elements in their outfits. What is steampunk? It mixes the Victorian aesthetic with steam-powered machinery and technology reminiscent of the Industrial era. Many of these outfits are homemade for the event, but Steampunk accessories like boots, belts, and goggles may be bought and added to give your Disneybound a steampunk touch.


8. Rock Around the Park Day

Rockabilly Fashion

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Rock Around the Park is another 50s-themed affair that centers on rockabilly fashion, sock hops, and poodle skirts. Participants arrive at the park wearing their vintage best, often with Disney-themed accessories or colors in their attire. There are usually meet-ups where people can take pictures with other attendees and enjoy park experiences together in vintage outfits.


9. TikiLand Day

People in Hawaiian Shirts

TikiLand Day is an unofficial Disney theme day organized by Tikiland Trading Co. Participating park guests wear Hawaiian shirts or dresses with tropical floral prints while enjoying tiki-themed park areas. Take a ride on the Jungle Cruise or sample drinks at the Enchanted Tiki Room—don't forget to save your memories with a fun group photo!


10. It's a Ska World After All

Man in Checkered Shirt

It's a Ska World After All is a day when people come to Disneyland to celebrate music, peace, and unity. The organizers often make Disney-themed ska merch to wear, but you're always encouraged to wear your ska best. (Get out those band tees, checkered shirts, and fedoras!) It's a great day to bring along family and friends, and there are plenty of fun photo ops.


11. Lolita Day

Lolita Fashion

Lolita Day at the Park is an unofficial Disney theme day when people wear Lolita fashion to Disneyland. Lolita is a Japanese fashion style where women wear frilly, lacy dresses influenced by Victorian and Rococo clothing. It's one of the cutest unofficial Disney dress-up days!


12. Raverday

Group of Friends

The Magic in the Making community organizes Raverday. People participating in Raverday wear some of their favorite rave or EDM clothing when they go to Disneyland. (Just make sure your clothing fits within Disney Parks guidelines!) No raves are hosted at Disneyland, but people who enjoy rave and EDM festivals make it a day to hang out with individuals in their community.


13. Villains Day

Cruella Disneybound

Disney already has several villain-themed official events, but Villains Day: Stalk Around the Park is an unofficial event featuring villain-centered fashion. People get together at the park wearing their favorite Disney villain-themed Disneybound outfits, often posing for photo opportunities. You'll have to watch the group's Facebook page to find the date for their next meet-up!


Discontinued Theme Days

Some unofficial Disney theme days don't last, but perhaps someone with the ability to revive one of these days will bring it back for everyone to enjoy! Discontinued park days include Galliday, a Doctor Who-themed day at Disney. We also have Harry Potter Day, a time for Harry Potter fans to wear their house colors at Disney. We're sad to see them go, but perhaps one day they'll return!


As you can see, there are many ways to have more fun at Disney Parks! Have you attended any unofficial dress-up days at Disney before? Which Disney theme day appeals to you the most? Did we miss any ongoing unofficial Disney dress-up days? We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Don't forget to check out our Disney costumes when you get the chance to wear them at the parks, Disney cruises, or for Halloween!

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