Halloween Takes Shape: The Evolution of Michael Myers [Infographic]

Halloween Takes Shape: The Evolution of Michael Myers

Who would have thought that a William Shatner Captain Kirk mask would look so iconic on a horror villain? Seriously, no one could have predicted that. But that’s exactly what happened when director John Carpenter created Michael Myers in the 1978 film Halloween. Not only did it make the mask famous, but it also spawned a franchise and inspired an endless number of slasher films.

Throughout the films, Michael Myers—credited as "The Shape" and often called "the bogeyman"—is the legendary serial killer who stalks those close to him...and anyone else in his way. He is characterized as pure evil with superhuman strength who cannot be killed. With the new sequel Halloween coming out, we wanted to look back at how Michael Myers has changed throughout the franchise. Here’s an evolution of Michael Myers and the Halloween films along with some of our favorite facts about the series.

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Halloween Takes Shape: The Evolution of Michael Myers

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We hope this got you excited about the new movie! Which facts surprised you the most? We thought the crew gathering leaves in the first movie would have been comical to watch. If the franchise continuity has you confused, check out our Halloween movie timelines infographic, we've got you covered! Also remember that we have Michael Myers costumes from all of the major films!

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Molly Schwichtenberg
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