2023 Halloween in America Survey Results [Infographic]

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2023 Halloween in America Survey Results

Halloween is almost here! That means trick-or-treating (for 26% of adult Americans), carving a simple jack-o-lantern (35%), and hoping to run into Wednesday Addams (48%). We surveyed 1,086 adults in the U.S. about their Halloween aesthetic, spending habits, and how they decorate for the season. Keep reading for the results of our 2023 Halloween in America survey!


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2023 Halloween in America Survey Results Infographic


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2023 Halloween Survey Findings

Which classic costume do you like most?

  • 35%: Witch
  • 22%: Vampire
  • 18%: Ghost
  • 14%: Skeleton
  • 11%: Zombie


Which Halloween character would you befriend?

  • 48%: Wednesday Addams
  • 18%: Beetlejuice
  • 17%: Dracula
  • 13%: Frankenstein
  • 4%: Slimer


What level of pumpkin carving expertise are you planning to display this year?

  • 35%: Simple (jack-o-lantern face)
  • 27%: Not carving or painting
  • 22%: Intermediate designs
  • 8%: Expert-level artistry
  • 8%: Who needs carving? I'm going to paint pumpkins!


Do you plan group costumes?

  • 41%: No, I go solo
  • 38%: Yes, with my family/partner
  • 16%: Yes, with my friends
  • 5%: Yes, with my pet


What is your Halloween aesthetic?

  • 37%: Horror/scary
  • 31%: Kid-friendly
  • 23%: Farmhouse/fall
  • 9%: Pastelloween


Which Halloween tradition do you enjoy most?

  • 26%: Trick-or-treating
  • 19%: Picking/decorating pumpkins
  • 17%: Watching Halloween movies
  • 14%: Haunted house
  • 12%: Halloween party
  • 11%: Hayride/corn maze


Are you spending more, less, or the same amount of money on Halloween this year?

  • 50%: Same as last year
  • 31%: Less than last year
  • 20%: More than last year


Other Questions From Our 2023 Survey

These questions didn't make the cut for our infographic but we still thought they were interesting enough to mention!


Which horror character are you most scared of?

  • 34%: Freddy Krueger
  • 28%: Chucky
  • 23%: Michael Myers
  • 8%: Jason Voorhees
  • 7%: Ghostface


How do you pick your costume?

  • 25%: Classics (ghost, witch, etc.)
  • 23%: Couples/group/family decision
  • 20%: Easiest (Halloween sweaters, onesies, DIYs)
  • 18%: TV/movie/video game (Spider-Man, Barbie, etc.)
  • 13%: Social media trends/memes


How do you complete your Halloween costume? (Choose all that apply.)

  • 62%: Makeup
  • 48%: Wigs
  • 48%: Shoes/boots
  • 47%: Mask
  • 20%: Bags/purses
  • 8%: Other*

*Popular accessories include fake teeth and limbs, fake weapons, jewelry, and brooms


Where do you decorate? (Choose all that apply.)

  • 62%: Outside
  • 58%: Inside
  • 20%: Work/office
  • 13%: None
  • 9%: Vehicle (trunk-or-treat)


If you are a pet owner, are you dressing up your pet this Halloween?

  • 50%: No, they don't like dressing up
  • 27%: Yes, a full costume
  • 22%: Yes, with accessories


Are there enough costumes for all body types?

  • 51%: No
  • 49%: Yes

Among respondents who chose "no",

  • 66% want more plus-size options
  • 54% want more adaptive options
  • 23% want more maternity options


Methodology: this survey was conducted for HalloweenCostumes.com through SurveyMonkey. The survey interviewed 1,086 U.S. adults of all ages on August 16, 2023.


How would you have answered our 2023 Halloween survey? What should we ask next year? Share your comments below! If you liked this survey, you might want to see the 2022 Halloween survey results, or our most popular Halloween costumes in 2023! You can also read the press release for this survey.

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