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Amanda is a graphic designer at, where she does a little bit of everything from costume artwork, emails, social media, and blog content. Her multitasking and Photoshop wizardry come together to bring ideas to life, make great costumes, and save Halloween!

Beyond the office walls, Amanda spends most of her free time going on outdoor adventures and volunteering at a local bike shop.

The Addams Family Search & Spook [Printable Puzzle]

by |September 30, 2019
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Categories: Horror, Printables

The Addams Family Search & Spook

The Addams Family are a spooky bunch, each member more eccentric than the last. They all have their own unusual yet interesting hobbies and obsessions. And their house is a museum—it says so right there in the theme song—so you would expect to find it filled with all sorts of weird stuff. What we’re saying is that the Addams Family house (and garden) is the perfect setting for a hidden object puzzle.


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Unbox These Creepy Dolls: The Nightmare Collection of 12 Iconic Horror Movie Dolls [Infographic]

by |June 5, 2019
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Categories: Horror, Infographics, Movies

Creepy Dolls: The Nightmare Collection

The horror genre has several staples that are bound to give you the heebie-jeebies: jump scares, creepy kids, basements, isolated settings and creepy dolls. We'll be taking an exclusive look at horror movie dolls. What is it about dolls, ventriloquist dummies and mannequins that scare us? The fear of non-human but human-like things is called automatonophobia. Perhaps the unblinking, soulless eyes are unnerving. In a dark room, dolls can be mistaken for a lurking figure. Dolls can even be made to resemble a particular person, which often hits that uncomfortable spot in the uncanny valley. Whatever the case may be, scary dolls aren't about to stop appearing in horror films anytime soon, especially this year with movies like Annabelle Comes Home, the Child's Play reboot and Brahms: The Boy II. If you love niche horror and you're interested in delving into other creepy doll horror movies, we collected some of the most unsettling automatons in the movies for you.


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