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Adult Chicken Costumes

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Get ready to strut your stuff, silly or stylish, with our collection of adult chicken costumes! Whether gearing up for Halloween, a themed party or joining the kids' Old McDonald game, this selection has you covered! Shop funny inflatable options, chicken dresses that offer a sassy take on our feathered friends, and rooster-inspired jumpsuits perfect for anyone looking to call attention to themselves! It's all in our chicken costume coop!
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Adult Disney Moana Hei Hei Costume
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Adult Rooster Costume
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Plus Size Moana Hei Hei Costume
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Rooster Costume for Adults
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Adult Cluckin' Chicken Costume
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Adult Inflatable Ride-On Rooster Costume
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Chicken Costume for Women
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Plus Size Cluckin' Chicken Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Chicken Pant Costume
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Adult Inflatable Chicken Costume
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Chicken & Farmer Carrier Costume
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Men's Yellow Tuxedo 1
Out of Stock
Made By Us Exclusive

It's time to ruffle some feathers and show the world how versatile and fun a chicken costume can be for Halloween, dress-up, or any costume event! So, let your inner chicken shine with our fantastic adult chicken costumes. Whether you're craving laughs, aiming for the spotlight, or simply want to rule the roost, these costumes are eggs-actly what you need!

For that silly take on chicken costumes, you can't go wrong with one of our available funny chicken costumes. Get everyone clucking with laughter when you choose to strut your stuff in an Adult Rooster Costume that's as comical as it is charming.

Or hatch a hilarious couples costume that'll leave everyone cracking up, and select some Chicken Fight Ride-On costumes! Whether dressed in a barnyard theme to compliment your mounts or keep it casual with your preferred wardrobe, these wacky chicken rider costumes will surely delight. Plus, you and your special someone or equally goofy friend can go head-to-head in a real costume competition!

But, if you can believe it, we have more funny chicken outfits to offer! Turn any party into a finger-lickin' good time as a Bucket of Fried Chicken! Matched to a partner dressed in a white suit and wig, there's no way you won't leave everyone begging for more comedy antics!

And, of course, our inflatable chicken costumes make an eggs-travagant and side-splitting choice whether you're looking to make a grand entrance to an event or simply keep your feathery transformation quick and easy.

Prefer a calmer chicken style? Not all the hens and roosters strutting in the coop are comedy geniuses. Some are cuddly sweethearts and gorgeous feathered fellas that, given the chance, we all want to give a little squeeze or channel into our costume wardrobe. Luckily, we've got options to let you do exactly that!

Follow the cozy side of chicken style with our exclusive Plus Size Cluckin' Chicken Onesie. Made with plush sherpa fabric, it's warm and soft to the touch! And with its thoughtful design, including an attached hood with a chicken beak and crown, plus a tail in the back, ensures changing in and out of chicken uniform is quickly done!

Meanwhile, if you're more interested in the overlooked beauty of chickens, we can help you shed some light on chicken majesty with our selection of sexy chicken costumes.

Our Women's White Chicken Dress offers a fashionable take on chicken couture, and our Women's Sexy Chick Chicken Costume combines the daring theme with a casual and comfy two-piece sweatsuit-style costume! Perfect for a playful look that doesn't skimp on aesthetics. Accessorize both with classic chicken accessories or shoes and jewelry that give your feathery design a chance to influence the next generation of chicken fans! Monster