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If you're looking to give your witchy look a bit of extra magic, there's only one way to look. Up! We can help with our collection of Witch Broom accessories. With a wide variety of different styles, you can be sure that you'll find one that will hit up any kind of witch you are looking for. Cartoonish and quirky? Classically evil? Modern Hogwarts hopeful? You're in the right place!
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Kids Wicked Witch Broom
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Witch's Broom
Deluxe Salem Witch Broom
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Sparkly Witch Broom
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Animated Enchanted Magical Broom
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Classic Wicked Witch Broom Prop
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Kids Witch Broom Prop
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Spiral Staff Witch Broom
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Spiral Witch Broom Costume Accessory
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Chimney Sweep Broom
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Crooked Witch Broom
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There are many legends about the magic that witches possess. But no matter what kind of spellcaster you're talking about, it seems like there is one part of their look that is always present. Are we talking about iconic outfit? Nope! How about the pointy hat? That's pretty good, too, but there's one other trope we think is terrific. We're talking about the Witch's Broom!

There are a lot of legends about why the broom is the perfect addition to any witch's regalia. The classic broom was called a 'besom.' All that means it a bunch of twigs tied around a sturdy shaft. Folks eventually upgraded to straw and, later, synthetic fibers to make cleaning a good deal easier. But, in the folklore of witches, the besom was made from ash, birch, willow, or mistletoe and was used to sweep away evil forces to keep a dwelling purified! Leaping over the handle was also a big part of ritual to start off on the right foot in a new life. The idea of witches flying on their broomsticks might have been based on mystical ointments placed upon them to raise the spirits... and occasionally confuse the senses.

Naturally, all sorts of other magic come from them too! From the Wicked Witch of the West to the Hogwarts Houses of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and even Mickey Mouse's exploits as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, brooms sometimes have a life of their own. Now you can find the perfect Witch Broom to add to your inventory when you dress up as a witch or decorate your den for any kind of magical moment. 

We have a lot of different styles! Pick a standard broom with cord wrappings and stiff bristles if you're looking for something classic. Broom handles in the kitchen might be straight and sturdy, but something flexible and curved can be much more fun when you're looking for a witchy look. Crooked canes and a spiral top are perfect for bringing cartoon witches to life while ones with little handles at the base are ideal for functional flying!

When you're looking for magical decor, we have witch brooms that can be electrically animated, too! They'll dance around on their own or even play spooky music to create the ultimate environment for a Halloween party. Finding the right accessory to add to your look is the toughest part, but this collection of witch brooms should make it easy to just focus on the fun! Monster