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Have you ever wanted to cuddle up with a sloth? We can't blame you! They are adorable and know how to take it easy in a busy world. Go one step better and┬ábecome the creature you adore with one of our amazing sloth costumes. Kids and adults alike will love this lovable lounger.┬
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Child Sloth Onesie
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Adult Cozy Sloth Costume
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Lil Swift the Sloth
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Child Cozy Sloth Costume
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Adult Sloth Costume
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Kid's Bubble Sloth Costume
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Adult Sloth Onesie
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Child Sloth Costume
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Plus Size Cozy Sloth Adults Costume
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Lazy Sloth Dog Costume
Sleepy Sloth Knit Scarf
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Adult Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater Update Main-0
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Sloths are, without question, of one of the most beloved critters on the planet. They're also pretty weird when you really think about it. (Maybe not as strange as the platypus, but that's an entirely different discussion for later.) 

You would think that a lazy creature with gigantic nails would raise an eyebrow or two and folks would move on to find another animal that more avidly speaks to their spirits. But, they have truly captivated our culture. We can't get enough of the sloth! You probably came to this page because you know you love them... but now you get to know a few strange quirks about the creature as well!

First, they can be incredibly picky eaters. They pretty much want the leaves of the cecropia tree, a South American rainforest floral tree that strangely got its name from an ancient king of Athens. But, anyway, back to the sloth. They nest in such trees and could potentially stay in the same tree for years at a time, feasting on just the leaves and a handful of fruits and bugs they'll find nearby and digesting their meal for upwards of month or more! (When they get to the messy bit—maybe once a week—they slowly climb down the tree just long enough to do their business, bury it away, and climb right back up to continue where they left off.) 

They also like to nap, but they're not sleeping quite as much as you might suspect. Only about a ten-hour sleepy time per day... but 90% of the rest of their time is in a state of basically "getting ready for bed" because they may be entirely motionless. (Takes a lot of energy to climb up and down that tree once a week, you know!)

If you think their diet and slow mobility is an oddity, just wait until you hear about their living arrangements. Since they move around so little, they actually grow a bunch of algae in their fur! Not only does the green gunk keep them camouflaged from predators (especially during that once-a-week business) but it provides them nutrients directly through the skin. A host of curious moths live off the algae and keep other bugs away from them and entire generations can treat the slow-moving critter like a house for years

Now, some of those details may make you think that becoming a sloth is quite a bit too much work and a larger commitment than you wanted to tackle. (Playing host for generations of moths is not for the faint of heart.) Fortunately, you don't have to go to such lengths to show off your sloth love or enjoy a comfy nap while snuggling up in some similarly warm fur. That's why we have our collection of Sloth costumes so you can just enjoy the fun parts! You can enjoy a wide variety of different color tones of fuzzy, cozy sloth costumes and accessories. And if you just want to focus on snuggling the sloth... well, our kids' sloth costumes are extra fuzzy. Get ready to get ready for fun... because we don't want to push you too fast, here!