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What would a nativity play be like if it didn't include the shepherds coming to visit baby Jesus lying in the manger? Luckily, we have all the shepherd costumes your church group or school might require! Whether you're looking for adults or children, each shepherd outfit is sure to transport you back to that fateful night under the Christmas star. You'll feel like you're straight out of the Christmas story!
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Men's Nativity Joseph Costume
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Adult Moses Costume

Moses Costume for Men

Adult Noah Costume

Noah Costume for Adults

Child Shepherd Costume

Boys Shepherd Costume

Kid's Nativity Joseph Costume
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Walking Cane Accessory
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Walking Cane Accessory

Child Roman Sandals

Kids Roman Sandals

Shepherd Staff

Shepherd Staff Prop

Child Noah Costume
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Noah Costume for Kids

Biblical Wig and Beard Set
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Old World Sandals
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Shepherds Crook
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Men's Plus Size Nativity Joseph Costume
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So, you're planning your organization's nativity play. If you're an expert on the Christmas story, can we ask you a question? Who is this Harold Angel and why does he get to tell everyone about the newborn king? We're just pulling your leg there. But all jokes aside, pulling together all the characters in a nativity play can be a daunting task. That's why we've made it easy for you. We have shepherd costumes for everyone involved, from grandpas with real beards to grade school kids that have been practicing their few lines for all of November and December!

A great Shepherd outfit should include a few accessories. A shepherd tending to his flock near Bethlehem would require a headpiece to keep him out of the sun during the day and warm on the cold winter nights. They also wore robes, the simplest piece of clothing to stay comfortable out in the elements. Complete your shepherd costume with a shepherd's crook or a shepherd's staff. 

We're aware that the addition of the staff might seem extra, however, we think that it's pretty important. Joseph will most likely be wearing a similar costume to the shepherds. If they are carrying the sheep herding necessity that is the shepherd's crook, their station as one of the shepherds will be obvious at first sight to everyone in the church on Christmas Eve! And while having an extra prop might not be important to an adult, kids are sure to enjoy the way the staff makes them feel like a piece of the biblical past!

Our adult shepherd costumes come in a variety of colors. Those that are dressing up as Joseph might actually prefer our Noah costume. That way, they'll match Mary's blue dress. The brown of the Nativity Joseph costume is a great choice for matching a group of shepherds. It's easy to picture the natural tones as a historically accurate shepherd outfit. And while your adult shepherds might grow their own beards, we understand that it's quite the investment. Instead, consider purchasing your shepherds a few fake beards to make sure that wild shepherd look is complete!

Those who are gathering nativity costumes for everyone in their group are sure to have seen all of the beautiful costume choices for your holiday festivities. But just in case you've landed straight on our shepherd's costumes page, we want to make sure that you're aware of all the costumes that can be paired with any shepherd outfit. Consider sheep and angel costumes that will be perfect if the shepherds and angels have a song that they're singing together. We can just picture wearing the robes of our Saint Joseph costume while singing "Hark, the Herald Angel Sings" or "Angels We Have Heard On High". And because you're not piecing a DIY costume together, you can be sure that your shepherds can dance and sing without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. 

Have you found the perfect shepherd costumes for your event? Go tell it on a mountain... or keep it simple and leave a review for any of our Shepherd costumes. We'd also love to see pictures so feel free to tag us in any photos of your nativity plays on social media!