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Sexy Vampire Costumes

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A vampire's whole existence depends on the ability to attract victims, and one of our sexy vampire costumes will help you with that. You can be a Renaissance or Victorian lady, an early 20th century femme fatale, or a modern seductress. 

Just what makes a costume sexy? Some people think that sexiness increases with the amount of skin that's exposed. By that definition, short skirts and strapless bodices equal sexy. Others think that, regardless of how much skin is showing, sexiness depends on a form-fitting shape. Still others like to keep an air of mystery under full coverage, and leave details to a man's imagination. Whichever way YOU choose to define it, we have a sexy costume for you! 

Dramatic makeup can add to your sexy look. Black or blood-red lipstick and nail polish, dark eyeliner, and fake vampire fangs will complete the picture. Check out any of our easy-to-use vampire makeup kits. 

Sexiness isn't just about looks, though--attitude is everything. As a vampire, you're probably very confident--you can take on any man! You may even choose to be a dominatrix. You'll want to perfect your "come hither" manners. The smoldering gaze, the pouting mouth, the sexy walk, whatever will draw your man into your embrace. You can whisper sweet nothings into his ear just before you (pretend to) bite him!