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“There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie.” Playing the villain tends to help! Bring your favorite cult classic scary movie to life with our selection of Scream Halloween costumes! In any of our available Ghostface costumes and Scream costume accessories, you’ll be well prepared for a killer Halloween. “Do you like scary movies?” soundtrack not included.
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Adult Scream Costume
Adult Ghost Face Slayer Kit

"So what's your favorite scary movie?" You better answer or else you will make Ghostface very angry...and we all know what happens when Ghostface gets angry! Wes Craven's popular horror movie franchise, Scream, is the highest grossing slasher film in the world because it combines two very unlikely categories: horror and humor!  

Who could forget Deputy Dewey cracking jokes in midst of all the chaos and news reporter Gayle Weathers' funny one liners? Comic relief combined with watching a knife-wielding Ghostface take out a bunch of unsuspecting teenagers with the help of his butcher knife, face mask, and of course, voice changer is what made these horror films into classics. Plus, there's the fun of trying to figure out the identity of Ghostface because with every movie, the murderer changes.

So, for the ultimate horror movie extravaganza, why not dress up as the ultimate killer with the ultimate disguise: a Ghostface mask. Pick up the black tattered robe, one of our fake knife accessories, and of course the iconic mask. Next, you can find yourself an innocent Sydney Prescott to terrorize and BAM you are now the new killer and the mystery continues! How To

Scream Halloween Costumes

Scream Costumes

Spoiler alert: the horror movie monsters don't stay dead.

It's a major contradiction. But scary movies are all about resurrections, especially slashers. Sure, there are decent explanations to this phenomenon. Freddy Krueger is a nightmare demon. Michael Myers is cursed. Soggy Jason Vorhees has demonic powers. And Chucky is a mass-produced doll possessed by the soul of a madman. But that means "magic" is involved and there can only be one of each character, scary movie costumes aside.

Then there's Ghost Face. Ghost Face is just a person (or two) in a costume! That means no otherworldly connection is needed for endless returns of this newer iconic character. In-universe and in real life, all you need for a convincing Ghost Face appearance is a little horror movie knowledge and the right gear. Shop the cloak and mask in our Scream costume collection, practice croaking everyone's favorite Scream quote, and keep Ghost Face alive through cosplay!

Ghost Face Costumes

It's guaranteed droves of horror movie monsters will be out on Halloween. You'll see no shortage of Pennywise or Dracula. But even more prominent is Ghost Face. Both trick-or-treaters and costume partiers turn to Ghost Face for a spooky fun, easy, and recognizable costume option. So, finding what you need for the look should be easy. And you're right! But before you pick the adult or kid costume needed, let's take a closer look at our available Scream Halloween costumes.

Adult Ghost Face Costumes

Adult Scream Costume

Standard issue Ghost Face is a long black cloak and ghostly white mask. That's the rule. And it's what's made the character so iconic in a relatively short period of time. To slay the look in one swift move, we recommend this exclusive adult Ghost Face costume set. It comes with the essentials plus a couple of props to really solidify your Halloween portrayal.

Of course, icon or not, it can be a ton of fun to turn heads with a surprise twist. And our selection can help! Shop Ghost Face costumes that come with colored masks or gruesome distorted detailing for something a little scarier. Or explore our makeup kits to design an adult Scream costume that's more expressive than ever!

Kids Ghost Face Costumes

Kids Scream Costume

We've asked why kids like dressing in scary costumes. Their answer was simple. They want to scare their family, friends, and neighbors. While clown costumes, classic monsters, and even devils are great choices, the simplicity of throwing a hood over their face and shouting boo from behind a mask is even better.

Children's Ghost Face costumes precisely allow that. And since it's a well-known costume, kids feel encouraged to put on extra entertaining performances! Bring the experience together quickly with our exclusive Ghost Face kid's costume. Or raise the fear factor with a bleeding Ghost Face Scream costume that really slays the spooky costume game! Monster