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The legends of noble samurai from Feudal Japan live on today! Perhaps you can relive that tales of famous warriors like Miyamoto Musashi when you wear one of our Samurai costumes. These costumes are inspired by classic characters, along with new favorites, like Samurai Jack, who is one of many modern heroes inspired by the daimyo of a time long gone!
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Kill Bill Pai Mei Costume1
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Women's Kill Bill O Ren Ishii
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Men's Imperial Samurai Warrior Costume
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Mens Classic Kimono Set Costume Update Main
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Samurai Warrior Costume for Women 1
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Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Sword
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Pair of Sai Weapons
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Adult Kill Bill Pai Mei Wig
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Child Ninja Boots
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Sumo Wrestler Wig
Dragon Print tights
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Kids Kubo Costume
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Samurai were the historical military nobility of Japan. Roughly analogous to knights in Europe, samurai were both members of the upper ranks of society and ferocious warriors. These warriors had a major influence on Japanese philosophy and martial arts and they would be noted in the annals of world history by their historical representations.

Perhaps the most iconic imagery of the samurai is their distinctive armor. Since these warriors had the assets of wealth, they could afford to outfit themselves with armor that was both decorative and functional. The first types of armor were known as yoroi. As firearms became commonplace in ancient Japan, this primitive armor was updated with iron plates that would be known as tosei-gusoko. Along with a kabuto helmet, it would form the iconic battlefield look that has been immortalized in pop culture. While they used a variety of weaponry they are most famously noted for being masters of the sword. Wearing a long sword together with a smaller sword would become the symbol of the samurai, known as daisho, and only true samurai were allowed to display their weaponry in this fashion.

Popular recent movies such as The Last Samurai and Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai have brought the ancient warriors to the big screen, and if you think your hometown is due for an appearance by the classic warriors, we have the Samurai costumes and accessories to make your plans come to fruition. Armor yourself in your tosei-gusoko, and wear your daisho with pride. You might have a long ways to go in mastering the martial arts, but at least you will look the part in one of these great Samurai warrior costumes! How To

Samurai Halloween Costume

Did you know that samurai translates to serve? These revered warriors weren't just about the combat. Samurai gave their all, wholly committing to every task with unmatched discipline. Living by the honorable Bushido code, they embody loyalty and bravery. Now, you can channel that dedication this Halloween! From international costumes rooted in history to the popular TV/movie and anime styles, there's something for every samurai fan. Check out a Samurai Halloween Costume!

Men’s Samurai Costume

Men’s Samurai Costume

Have you ever thought of knights as Europe's shining warriors? Meet the Samurai—Japan's dynamic answer to those armored champions! While both are valiant in their own right, they are very different. Our Men's Samurai Costume was made to bring out these legendary fighters' fierce and honorable spirit. And we got you with our Kill Bill Pai Mei costume if you want that wise sensei flair. Wielding a katana or mastering martial arts, it's time to channel your inner warrior!

Samurai Costume for Women

Samurai Costume for Women

Plotting a samurai journey? The path has intriguing turns! Here are a few routes. Maybe you're leaning towards the classic samurai, showcasing strength and grace. Or perhaps the revenge-driven energy of Beatrix Kiddo or O-Ren Ishii is more your style. Whatever your warrior spirit connects with, our Samurai Costume for Women has you sorted. Slide into a Kill Bill Beatrix Kiddo costume, or wear our O-Ren Ishii outfit. Time to let that inner samurai shine bright and fierce!

Samurai Costume for Kids

Samurai Costume for Kids

Hello, young warrior! Were you thinking of epic samurai adventures? Our Samurai Costume for Kids is just what you need to kickstart those tales. Swing an imaginary sword and defend your kingdom or pair it with Dragon costumes to team up for mythical quests. Dreaming of being the next dragon warrior? This could be your first step! And if you ever fancy a calm day in ancient Japan, we've got some chill kimono costumes waiting. Either way, epic samurai fun is guaranteed!

Kubo and the Two Strings Costume

Kubo and the Two Strings Costume

Kubo fans! Fancy a strum on the ol' shamisen? Yeah, it's got 3 strings, but let's save that deep dive for another time. About Halloween: got a trio of film buffs that's crazy for Kubo and the Two Strings? We've got you! One can rock the Kubo look, another can buzz around as Beetle (or, you know, Little Hanzo) with our bug costumes, and the third? Go wild with our monkey costumes as Monkey. It's storytelling magic in the making. Jams, adventure, and legendary fun await!

Samurai Accessories

Ever noticed the finesse samurais bring to the battle? It's a mix of delicacy and deadliness in every swift motion. Some use one sword, while the daisho practitioners tote katana and wakizashi. And pop culture? Every samurai seems to have that one-of-a-kind blade or a fighting style with unique properties. For more, check out our international accessories and TV/movie goodies, grab some toy weapons or ninja swag, and add makeup and fake blood for that post-duel glow!

Samurai Sword

Ever wondered about the soul of a samurai? Look no further than their katana and wakizashi. These beautiful blades are symbols of honor, discipline, and the warrior's spirit. Enormous respect was given to these weapons, like holding a piece of tradition and legacy in your hands. If you're vibing with that Tarantino film, snag our Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Sword and honor the legendary swordsmith. More of a gamer? Check out our Genji Sword Accessory and slice back your humanity.

Samurai Mask

Do you think you've got the Samurai swagger down? Well, no look is complete without a Samurai Mask! Now, we know there's some ninja-samurai crossover happening in the costume world. It's kind of like when you realize your favorite bands had the same drummer—case in point: Ninja Costume Boots for Kids—equally sick for both samurai and ninja attire. So, grab a Samurai Mask and lace up those boots because our Samurai Accessories bring the bravado of the samurai to life! Monster