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Porcelain Doll Costumes

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If dressing up in a creepy doll costume sounds like fun to you, try one of these! You can build your own porcelain doll costume with our dresses and accessories. And of course, you can’t forget the creepy doll makeup to finish off the look! You can be as haunting as you want this Halloween.
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Black & White Striped Tights
Women's White Baby Doll Heels
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Black Diamond Pantyhose
White Foundation Makeup
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Adult White Ruffle Nylon Socks
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Auburn Porcelain doll Wig
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Pastel Pink Buckle Boots
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There's only two types of people in this world: those who like porcelain dolls and those who think they are creepy. What kind of person are you? If you love porcelain dolls and have a whole room filled with them then why not dress up as one for Halloween. You'll look great in ringlet curls and a frilly skirt! All of our doll costume incorporate puffy capped sleeves, cute decorative buttons, and fun girly patterns. Ladies who get goose bumps whenever they see a porcelain doll will wantt to take the scary approach when it comes to their doll costume. If that's the case, we have plenty of spooky costumes for you. Our haunted doll costumes feature stitches and broken half-masks. Just put on one of these costumes and let playtime begin! Monster