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Becoming a shinobi is a great honor. Can you imagine being a Genin of Konohagakure? What a thrill that would be! Going on missions with your best friends kind of outweighs the dangers a ninja may face. Anyways, don't worry about that. As a ninja of Konoha, you just have to worry about looking the part. The best way to do precisely that is to gather your chakra and pick up an officially licensed Naruto Costume or Naruto Headband.
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Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband
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Fans of the hit series will seriously burst a charka node for these Naruto Halloween Costumes. In the manga and anime, having the proper gear is the difference between safely accomplishing a mission or reporting your defeat to the Hokage. Remember what Kakashi Sensei says, "You have to look for the hidden meanings in the hidden meanings." Listen to your ninja instincts and check out our Naruto Costumes.

Speaking of Kakashi, he is the man! Not only that, be he is a great teacher. When your father is known as the White Fang of Konoha, you are bound to be a pretty nasty dude. Kakashi was always a stickler about the rules growing up, but he's even more of a stickler about helping his friends. If you are a fan of the amazing Kakashi Hatake, The Copycat Ninja, you must check out this Naruto Kakashi Hoodie.

Our Naruto Hoodie is an excellent option if you don't want to commit to an entire Naruto Halloween Costume. If your taste falls somewhere in-between costumes and hoodies, our Naruto Cosplay Hoodies are perfect for you. They have just enough shinobi swag without signing up for the whole treacherous mission thing.

If you are going for the more seasoned shinobi look but want something a little lighter to jump from tree to tree in, your best bet would be some Kakashi merch, like the aforementioned hoodie or even one of his slick t-shirts. In both of these pieces is the traditional vest that Genin receive after completing their Chunin examination—a perfect look for any ninja looking to be Jonin one day.

Speaking of Jonin, people tend to forget that most Jonin are not only highly skilled but had to go through years of field training before getting their prestigious titles. Some ninjas never become Jonin, though; that isn't necessarily indicative of a ninja's skill level. But Jonin does admittedly sound a lot cooler than Chunin, so there is that.

We all are huge anime fans. If you have made it this far, there is no doubt about that. Watching our favorite characters perform extraordinary feats with lightning-fast speed and surgeon-like precision will never get old. As much as we adore these characters, there is only one thing that is better than watching them do sick Jutsu—Naruto Cosplay!

Cosplay is such a great way to become a character you identify with or simply love because they look so cool. Of course, you could always be our favorite crafty ninja, Naruto. We have those in spaces. But if you are more of a rogue ninja, you will really enjoy our Akatsuki merchandise (we even have the kunai stricken headbands)! Those red cloud patterns will have your friends in awe and your enemies in terror.

Regardless of what side of The Hidden Leaf you chose, what Naruto Costume you decide on, or what Naruto apparel you opt for, make sure to celebrate this Halloween like a shinobi should and check out our officially licensed Naruto Merch! How To

Naruto Halloween Costumes

Naruto Costumes

When you think about it, everyone puts their nindo—their ninja way—on display for Halloween. Children don the year's Halloween costume, route a path through the neighborhood, and announce they won't be returning until their trick-or-treat pail is carrying the greatest amount of candy. They're dedicated to the cause, and they won't give up.

And adults are the same! Their nindo may be shown through a strictly adhered-to time the porch light will blink out leaving the decorative graveyard in shadows. It may shine in the convincing level of detail they put into costume makeup. Or with their choice of a quality costume that always aims to one-up the year before.

If that sounds like you or yours, it's time to dress the part with Naruto costumes from our anime collection! Assemble Team 7, the Akatsuki, or cosplay an original Konoha ninja with accessories detailed below.

Naruto Hoodies

Naruto Hoodies

In the Ninja world, having the proper gear can be the deciding factor in a mission's success. The same is generally true for Halloween and day-to-day routines. Now, while some might see Naruto apparel as a lazy attempt at suiting up as a ninja, we assure you it’s the opposite! Plus, Naruto's pal Shikamaru proved laziness can be a respectable trait. And our available anime apparel functions as easy gear needed for cosplay, Halloween, or everyday ninja life!

Modernize the Akatsuki uniform with an available Akatsuki cloud pullover and your favorite rogue ninja headband. Channel your inner Copy Ninja with a Kakashi hoodie or tee in your everyday wardrobe. Or create a casual cosplay with a Naruto zippered hoodie paired with a Kurama flat bill to power up the look!

Naruto Costumes for Kids

It only makes sense that kids would want to dress as a Naruto character. After all, the series is focused on a bunch of 12 and 13-year-olds with special powers called jutsu, that do everything from creating illusions to summoning animal companions, while wearing some super cool ninja uniforms. And we can't forget the Naruto Run, epic missions, and friendships. It all simply looks like a blast! And is bound to be a long-lasting favorite. Encourage it with Naruto costumes kids will love!

Kid Kakashi Costumes

Kakashi Costume Kid

Kids teach us a lot. They make the best teachers of things like interests quickly changing and intricate show lore. And for those and many other reasons a kid's Kakashi Hatake costume is a great choice! Whether they dream of being a team leader, climbing the ninja ranks, or possessing jutsu as impressive as Copy Ninja Kakashi's, they'll have a blast in the licensed ensemble inspired by the beloved sensei!

Kid Sasuke Costumes

Kid Sasuke Costume

Whether planning a costume duo with their best friend or feeling a little moody, your fledgling ninja is sure to enjoy a Sasuke Uchiha kid's costume. Paired with a Naruto Uzumaki kid's costume they'll be ready for plenty of tricks and treats on Halloween night. Meanwhile, the all-inclusive costume leaves room to level up the look with body paint Curse Marks inspired by Sasuke's or ninja tools from our toy weapon collection that'll let them perfect their shurikenjutsu!

Adult Naruto Costumes

There are tons of reasons you may be looking at adult Naruto costumes. But whether you're a mega fan planning your cosplay for an anime convention or your kiddo asked to coordinate for a group costume, our anime selection is the place to start! New, tag-along, and die-hard fans can find what's needed for an easy Naruto ensemble. And after reading about a couple of our licensed options below, you're sure to have the inspiration needed to power-scale the ready-to-wear looks!

Adult Sasuke Costumes

Adult Sasuke Costume

If you've chosen Sasuke Uchiha as your favorite Naruto character for his story arc, our adult Sasuke costume is a must. Paired with accessories or a costume from our snake selection you easily put your understanding of the character on display. And if you're dressing as Sasuke to match a partner or kiddo's Naruto costume, this licensed Sasuke ensemble makes getting in character easy! Just don't forget a toy sword to properly harness a lightning blade.

Adult Sakura Costumes

Adult Sakura Costume

Strong female character hits differently when used to describe Team Kakashi's third member, Sakura Haruno—literally. Maybe that's why you're longing to dress like her. Perhaps it's the easy couple's costume opportunity that playing Sakura presents. The chance to don a pink wig sure is alluring. Or is it the chance to be a ninja equivalent to a superpowered nurse? Whatever it is, our adult Sakura costume will help you get wrapped up in the character!

Naruto Costume Accessories

Costumes that include all the essentials are excellent! But accessories hold a magic all their own, and in this case, we'd claim they're akin to transformation jutsu for a Naruto costume. Turn the quick-and-easy options from our Naruto collection into something new with ninja accessories. Whether looking to convince fans they're trapped in a genjutsu with a level of perfection summoned from licensed accessories or making obscure references to delight the most devout fans, the following aims to inspire!

Hidden Leaf Headbands

Hidden Leaf Headband

Receiving a Konoha, or Hidden Leaf, headband is a hard-earned honor. But wearing their village's mark is every ninja's starting point. Luckily for fans, Naruto headband accessories can be worn without demonstrating proper use of Clone Jutsu, though donning one of our metal-plated Leaf headband or soft-fit options will have you looking like you can! Shop the versatile costume headbands to upgrade or create a Naruto ensemble matching almost any Konoha ninja!

Naruto Beanies

Naruto Beanies

Since a village's headband is so important to a ninja's uniform, nothing should interfere with them wearing one. Not even October's chill. And fall weather is a first-rate place for Naruto beanies to be used! Of course, the winter gear version of a ninja sigil isn't only good for combatting a cold trick-or-treat. Its casual fit can modernize Naruto costumes for a new era or help you celebrate the beloved anime series with your everyday wardrobe!

Naruto Sleeping Caps

Looking for a unique way to switch up a Naruto cosplay? Dive into minor moments of the series or anime-only filler stories that are sure to get you dreaming of unique costumes! Then grab a Naruto sleeping hat to transform your energy into an Uzumaki Barrage of snores! Or explore our full wig collection to turn Kakashi t-shirts into Jonin uniforms for other elite ninja and Naruto cosplay apparel into any variant of the character from Naruto to Boruto!

Anti Leaf Village Headbands

After working hard to earn a ninja headband, it seems a waste to go rogue. But every ninja has their reason and whether they wear their rebellion as a badge of honor or warning, the detail shouldn't be overlooked in a fan costume! Our anti-Hidden Leaf headband makes dressing as a former Konoha ninja an easy feat. Paired with an Akatsuki robe you're ready to play fan-favorite Itachi Uchiha. But added to any Naruto ensemble, you're sure to make waves! Monster