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Matador Costumes

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Ole! If you'd like a unique costume for Halloween, consider getting one of our Spanish matador costumes. We feature matador costumes women and men will love for their detailed designs and for their realistic fit and feel. We also offer matador costumes for kids to get little ones into the action. Shop all of the options right here to get the faux bullfighting fun started!
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Mighty Matador Mens Costume
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Adult Bull Costume
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Matador Costume Update Main
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Matador Costume

Plus Size Matador Costume Update Main
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Women's La Matadora Costume
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Magnificent Matador Womens Costume
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Magnificent Matador Plus Size Womens Costume
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Plus Size Bull Costume
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Women's Marvelous Matador Costume
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Toro the Terri-Bull Costume
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Adult Matador Costume
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Become an iconic symbol of the Spanish culture with our matador costumes this Halloween! Find sexy matador costumes as well as adult bull costumes to pair up with for a great couples look. For example, we have many Matador costumes for men which include a bright red cape, jacket, and hat and you'll be dressed to kill. We also have fabulous matador costumes for ladies which put a feminine spin on a usually masculine costume. Ladies will love wearing the cute bolero jacket and the red gloves. Get ready to say "toro" when you hit the town as a fierce, yet fabulous, bullfighter! How To

Matador Halloween Costumes

Bullfighting is an ancient practice that remains a cultural staple in Portugal and Spain, as well as the countries around the world influenced by Portuguese and Spanish traditions. Considered both sport and art, the adrenaline and danger experienced in a bullfighting ring are unparalleled. The imagery of a brave matador waving his cape against a charging bull is iconic everywhere, as well, having been popularized countless times in pop culture. The Matadors themselves are famous not only for their dashing moves and panache but for the vividly embellished suits and capes they wear when they perform.

All of this adds up to the fact that a matador theme is one of the most popular and recognizable Halloween costumes each season. We feature exclusive matador costumes for adults and kids, as well as bull costumes that let you put together a bull and bullfighter costume for two. With several great options available, we wanted to offer all the extra info you'll need to buy the right outfit this Halloween. So, with a hearty wave of the cape, we present this How-To on Matador Costumes!

Matador Costumes for Men

With bullfighting's popularity as an adult Halloween costume, there's no shortage of discount matador costumes available online and in costume shops. But we'd steer you towards picking out one of our matador costumes, designed by our in-house team and exclusively Made By Us. You'll fit the fit and finish off these costumes to be superior to matador outfits available elsewhere. They feature detailed designs and fabrics that make them feel like real clothing. All of which is important if you want to win first place in a costume contest!

Adult Matador Costumes

Adult Matador Costumes

Our classic Matador costume is a look that has been very popular with our customers. It has an ornate design that is reminiscent of a Spanish bullfighter outfit featuring a gray bolero jacket with elegant brocade decoration and red braid edging. It comes complete with the decorated pants as well as a necktie, socks, and a black hat. And, of course, a beautiful red satin cape to help you show off your best bullfighting moves.

Mighty Matador Costumes

Mighty Matador Costumes

Our mighty Matador Costume provides another option for a classic bullfighting style that is instantly recognizable. It includes a black cropped jacket and black pants each adorned with elegant gold braid trim. Socks, a black tie, and a black montera hat are also included, as well as a red cape that's attached to the jacket to complete the bold look of a bullfighter. Celebrity status is not included but with this outfit, you're sure to become quite famous at your costume party!

Women's Matador Costumes

Bullfighting may give the impression of exclusively being the pursuit of men, but women have a long history of being matadors—with many females rising to the top of the sport. We offer several costumes for ladies to dress up as Spanish-style bullfighters, with a classic black women's matador costume and a sexy red Matador costume. Either is a great choice to make sure your Halloween is an exciting, fun-filled affair.

Female Bullfighter Costume

Women's Matador Costume

Our Magnificent Matador costume has all the styling of a classic bullfighting uniform in an outfit that's tailored just for women. The high-waist pants and bolero jacket each feature elegant wide gold braid accents, and the jacket is topped off with fringe-trimmed epaulets and a red cape attached to the right shoulder. A complete outfit with socks, neck scarf, tank top, and montera hat included, this costume will have you feeling like a gal who knows a thing or two about taking on the danger of the bullring!

Red Matador Costume

Red Female Matador Costume

Our marvelous Matador costume is a great choice for any costume party. Featuring a bold, red jacket and pants set, this outfit has all the elegance of an authentic matador uniform. It features alluring gold braid trim, fringe accents, and embroidered shoulder covers. As a complete outfit socks, a shirt, a necktie, a scarf, and the signature black hat are all included. Altogether, it will have you looking like a sultry matador renowned the world over as a bullfighting superstar.

Matador and Bull Costumes

Matador and Bull Costume

We wouldn't want to talk about Matador outfits without mentioning its natural costume partner. A bull costume! A matador and bull costume makes a great couple's costume theme for Halloween. Particularly if the wearer of the matador costume has style and panache abound and if the one in the bull suit has a surly reputation! We also sell a kid's bull costume that's great to pair with a boy's Spanish matador costume if you have a pair of kiddos who want an adventurous costume theme for Halloween. No matter who's suiting up in the outfits, a bull and bullfighter costume is a classic costume combination that's sure to be lots of fun. Monster