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Malfoy Costumes

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Draco Malfoy wasn't exactly an evil character, but J.K. Rowling describes him as having “a real moral cowardice”. This Slytherin student was the child of Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black, and therefore was part of one of the few remaining “pure-blood” wizard clans. Draco has no qualms about using his father's name to gain special advantages and to threaten others. His ultimate goal throughout the Potter series is to become a Death Eater and to serve Lord Voldemort.

Besides serving Voldemort, Malfoy devotes many hours to trying to bring down Harry Potter and the rest of his Gryffindor friends. If you want to become the bully of Hogwarts, try on a Slytherin robe and add a Draco Malfoy wand. Once you are all dressed up to look like this cunning and intelligent wizard, perfecting your magical abilities and skills should be easy.