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Captain America Grand Heritage Men's Costume-2-update
Sale - 75%
Premium Marvel Wolverine Men's Costume
X-Men Adult Cyclops Costume
Mens Grand Heritage Thor Costume
Sale - 60%
Adult Deluxe Thor Costume
Spider-Man Far From Home T-Shirt
Clearance  - 60%
Marvel Adult Premium Thor Costume
Adult Deadpool Costume
Men's Grand Heritage Punisher Costume
Sale - 73%
Deluxe Deadpool Movie Costume
Sold Out
Men's Marvel Loki Premium Costume Update
Video Sold Out
Marvel Loki Men's Plus Size Premium Costume
Sold Out
Deluxe Vision Men's Costume
Sold Out
Premium Marvel Deadpool Plus Size Men's Costume-update1
Sold Out
Premium Marvel Deadpool Men's Costume1
Sold Out
Adult Deluxe Hulk Costume
Sold Out
Adult Deluxe Rocket Raccoon
Sold Out
Venom Deluxe Mens Costume
Sold Out
Marvel Adult Venom Costume
Sold Out
X-Men Adult Gambit Costume
Sold Out
Deluxe Doctor Strange Mens Costume
Sold Out
Men's Deluxe Civil War Captain America Costume
Sold Out
Supreme Edition Iron Man Costume
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Deluxe Adult Hulk
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Our collection of male superhero costumes includes most of the big-names from Marvel and DC Comics, as well as many independent and spoof names. So if you want to save the world, you have a lot of choices. No matter whether your favorite hero comes from vintage comic books or the latest blockbuster movies, chances are we have a costume that lets you become him! We also have independent and spoof heroes, too. Hellboy. The Incredibles. Ace & Gary. Green Hornet. Even Shazam!

What is your heroic personality? Are you the larger-than-life action hero who uses inborn superpowers to right wrongs? Or are you more of an everyman, urged into heroism by circumstances? If you're undecided about which character to choose, your answer to that question may clarify things for you. One scholar (yes, people actually study superheroes) wrote that heroes represent their audience. A person who reads or watches a hero story experiences it the way the hero does. So we tend to admire heroes who are like us.

You can also create your own hero if you don't want to copy an existing character. Start with a zentai suit, or maybe just jeans and a T-shirt. Then add a cape, mask, boots, or whatever features you like. You can choose your superpower and make up your own legend.

Whichever hero you choose to become, enhance your experience by learning a few signature moves and phrases. Throw a few lightning bolts as Thor. Start smashing things, like Hulk. Maybe even leap over a tall building. Or not. That's the fun of it--you get to choose!