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It's time to concoct your next award-winning potion in the laboratory, but this time make sure you're wearing a mad scientist costume. Really get into character while draped in a white lab coat and wearing a pair of thick goggles (to shield your eyes from any exploding experiment...hey, it happens!) In this category, you'll find mad scientist costumes and accessories for men, women and children!
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Platform Raven Comando Boot
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The Monster Makeup Kit UPD
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Black Eyelashes
Smoking Cauldron
Coming Soon
Black GP-5 Gas Mask
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Womens Red Curly Wig
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Zombie Eyeshadow Kit
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Child Demented Doctor Costume
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Mad Scientist Costume Update 1
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Mad Scientist Pet Costume
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Kids Scientist Costume
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Patent Leather Mary Janes
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Bloody Gauze Cloth Decor
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Winged Goggles Silver
Made By Us Sold Out