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Kids Stormtrooper Costumes

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Star Wars is remarkable because they’re able to make their villains scary, but also really awesome. If your child wants to be a cool space soldier, check out our selection of kids stormtrooper Halloween costumes! We have deluxe stormtrooper costumes for children in a range of sizes so that you can get the whole family in a Star Wars theme!
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Child Stormtrooper Costume
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Kids Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume

Imperial Stormtroopers handled the hazardous and danger filled assignments handed out by the Empire. Many fought in the front lines of battles and died for their dedication to the Galactic Empire. Show your commitment to Star Wars through these kids officially licensed Stormtrooper costumes. How To

Stormtrooper Costumes for Kids

Kids Stormtrooper Costumes

Kids and Star Wars are like peanut butter and chocolate. Who gets more excited than kids when it comes to blasters, Jedis, and deciding who to be during playtime? Yeah, Luke and Leia are always fan favorites. Han gets a ton of love too. But what about trying our Kid's Stormtrooper Costumes for a change? Kids are creative and don't always want to play the good guy. That's where our Kid's Stormtrooper Costumes come in. Now your kid can look like an elite soldier in the Imperial Army, ready to rule the world (or at least the playground)! One day they may even lead us all…Pretending is fun!

Praetorian Guard Costumes

Being a crusty old Sith clone, Supreme Leader Snoke, as powerful as he was, always kept bodies close by. Can you blame him? He looked like he was one force-lighting away from completely melting. But we're not here to roast Snoke even more than he already is. We are here to talk about his Elite Praetorian Guard. Their crimson armor and robes are so cool that you'll consider joining the dark side. If that sounds satisfyingly sinister, force-grab this Praetorian Guard Costume.

Sith Trooper Costumes

In each military branch, there is always the cream of the crop. They're hardcore soldiers who have proved they have more than what it takes. The Army has Green Berets, the Navy has the SEALS, and the First Order has the Sith Troopers. These fancy red riders are evil Sith worshipers who've dedicated their lives to being top-of-the-line. We may not love their methods, but we love the look. If you agree, grab a Sith Trooper Costume.

Death Trooper Costumes

Can you imagine being a Death Trooper from Rogue One? You would be a busy trooper; we'll tell you that. They are the bodyguards of bodyguards, elite soldiers responsible for protecting the highest-ranking members of the Imperial inner circle like Tarkin, Krennic, and even Palpatine. We don't know if they are more robot than man at this point, as they have a ton of genetic enhancements. Check out a Death Trooper Costume if you like their look.

Snow Trooper Costumes

As the Star Wars universe villains, we tend to give the Imperial Military a hard time. They are fighting Jedi, so sometimes it's hard to root for them. But if they have gotten good at one thing, it's fitting their troops with gear for the proper environment. The Snow Troopers from The Empire Strikes Back are a great example. A Snow Trooper Costume is an excellent way for kids to switch up their look, all while keeping the classic Star Wars costume aesthetic. Monster