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Candy is always big on Halloween. But food is going to be even bigger when you and yours show up to the party in inflatable food costumes! From giant broccoli to Kool-Aid, our selection has a style to get everyone screaming, "Oh yeah!" Find the right inflatable veggie, fruit, or sweet treat for your next costume event when you shop with us!
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Adult Inflatable Tomato Costume
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Inflatable Banana
Adult Gingerbread Inflatable Costume
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Child Black Pants
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Inflatable Eggo Costume
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Kool Aid Adult Inflatable Costume
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If you've ever wanted to blow food up but were stopped by a parent as you typed :30 into the microwave, marshmallow in hand, these are the Halloween costumes for you! Blow up food costumes the way you couldn't blow up actual food as a kid when you shop what some might consider the best inflatable costume selection!

In this filtered collection, you'll discover kid-friendly inflatable foods and inflatable food characters that are a blast from the past! Not sure what kind of food-themed inflatable Halloween costume would be best for you? Stick with us! This brief overview of our selection cooks up a few ideas that we think satisfy a variety of cravings.

The most obvious reason to wear any inflatable Halloween costume is for laughs. Simply put, inflatable costumes are funny. However graceful you are in everyday life, the air-blown costume immediately makes you waddle. Or at least its puffy design makes it look like you're waddling. And there's no way to look at an oversized, smiling banana without initially being amused.

So, take on the silly side of Halloween with an inflatable food costume! Whether you choose to be a tomato, pickle, or that charming yellow banana, you're sure to have a good time!

Thinking you'd prefer to stick to Halloween's darker traditions? We know at least one inflatable food that's sure to help there! Bring every kiddo's mealtime nightmare to life, starting with our air-blown broccoli costume! It may look like are harmless and tiny tree, but with the right makeup job, maybe a few choice props, you're ready to terrify! Eat your veggies before they eat you!

Spooky foods don't end with broccoli. But the recipe remains the same. So, pick your favorite playful inflatable and transform it into something no one wants to find on their plate!

Rewrite the avocado narrative, or even turn the Pillsbury Doughboy into the newest horror movie villain! How about a gummy bear or gingerbread cookie with a vendetta? Maybe a Kool-Aid Man that's lost their cool? The possibilities are endless when you have permission to play with your food!

Okay, while we fully endorse this new exploration of foods. We do make one request. Leave the food fights to the costume contest stage! With these versatile inflatable looks at your disposal, there's little more you need to do to win. They'll do the talking for you, especially if you switch up the recipe by pairing your look with wacky accessories or mixing in any of our other food-related costumes.

Now, go take a bite out of the Halloween scene and put our collection of inflatable food costumes to good use! Monster