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Hanging Shaking Clown Decoration

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Hanging Shaking Clown Decoration
Hanging Shaking Clown Decoration
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The Clown Argument

People argue about clowns all of the time. Some people think they're funny. Others just think that they're poor misunderstood souls who need some compassion. Us? Well, we know the truth. One look at this Hanging Shaking Clown Decoration made it abundantly clear! Clowns are evil creatures put on this Earth to give us nightmares and strike fear into the heart of every human being on the planet.

Don't believe us? Well, just hang this clown decoration up in your home for a month or two and see how you feel about clowns afterward!

Product Details

Right! So, here's the scoop with this decoration. We like to call him Clownie the Jester of Terror. He's shaped like a clown. He has a face that even a mother could never love, with some sharp, ghoulish teeth in his mouth. He has menacing eyes and hair that makes you want to shriek like a banshee. He has classic clown clothes and you can hang him up anywhere in your home. He also has a set of gruesome-looking claws, to be anatomically correct. And if that all of that wasn't enough for you, he shakes eerily sometimes. We haven't figured out why, whether it's animatronics or if it's housing the ghost of a vengeful spirit. Yes, old Clownie here has been haunting our nightmares for a few weeks now and if want to really freak out the guests at your Halloween party, then he's the clown for the job!

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