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We all want to feel like we have superpowers. At least until we actually have them! Just ask a young woman named Eleven how she feels about her psychic strength. Of course, it can be fun to dress up like a character with such amazing powers, too. At least that way you don't have to face any of the dangerous stuff. If you'd like some Stranger Things fun, try an Eleven costume so you can explore the Upside Down any time of the year!
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Stranger Things Adult Deluxe Eleven S4 Look Costume
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Kids Eggo Waffle Costume
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Kid's Waffle Costume
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Women's Strange Girl Costume
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Eggo Waffle: Purse
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If you were to ask what life was like in Indiana in the 1980s, most folks would usually suggest some legwarmers and an amazing soundtrack and leave it at that. Of course, that was all before Stranger Things hit the small screen. All it took was for Eleven and her friends to appear in the Netflix series and we were all ready to leap into a brand new story from the golden age of gaming. Now you can bring it all back in the best way out there with our Eleven costumes from Stranger Things. 

Perhaps you aren't caught up on all of the fun from the series. Well, all you need to know is that it started in 2016 when Levy and Cohen let us on an adventure where a group of kids began to investigate the disappearance of one of their friends. Soon, they'd meet a girl with a shaved head and incredible psychic powers. Terrifying visions soon taught them about an invasion from a strange alternate dimension. Eleven's telekinesis and the kids' knowledge of D&D let them go head to head with a fearsome creature... only to unleash more seasons of even more amazing adventures! 

"But, why is she named Eleven?" Naturally, in a science fiction, horror drama, you're bound to have some scientists who are experimenting on some questionable things! Perhaps it is time for you to uncover even more secrets. Do so by getting in on the fun when you dress up in our Eleven 'Stranger Things' costumes. 

We have costumes from each of the seasons, so you'll be able to try out all of Eleven's outfits. Each will help you explore the story of Eleven and her companions. Start with the iconic Eleven Halloween costume featuring her pink dress and blonde wig. It's magically meta since you're dressed up as your favorite Stranger Things character when she's dressing up to fit in with the rest of the Hawkins natives. We imagine everyone would have been accepting, either way, but Eleven's pink dress sure makes her blend in... kinda. 

If you would rather stand out, go for a look that's really flashy. Eleven's mall outfit is a dazzling dress with classic 80s style. That means wild prints, bright colors, and the ability to show off your moves. With this kind of an Eleven Halloween costume, you can head off to prom in the Upside Down or make a great Stranger Things group costume that will have folks talking into the next season. 

Of course, the most recent versions of Eleven have her sporting a gothic look with short hair and a leather jacket. No matter what, you'll be wanting to bring along your Eggos, Eleven's favorite foods. While she never had purses, backpacks, and Eggo-related accessories, they'll be an iconic way to bring some extra fun (and storage space) while you're exploring the world of Stranger Things. How To

Eleven Cosplay

You don’t need telekinetic powers or the ability to astral project to another dimension to get your hands on some impressive Eleven costumes. We’ll send them to you, without Demogorgon drama. We have El costumes from Stranger Things Season 1 and 2 so you can impersonate your favorite version of the pivotal protagonist.

Eleven Costume Dress

Eleven Costume

Do you have a love for waffles? Are you prone to nosebleeds? If so, the Eleven costume dress is the perfect disguise. You’ll look just like the runaway experiment while wearing the pink dress and bomber coat. Pick up the sporty knee-length socks, a short blonde wig, and some blood makeup unless you can make your nose bleed on command. If so, we’re impressed and mildly concerned!

Punk Adult Eleven Costume

Punk Eleven Costume

Do you live for El’s grungy aesthetic in Season 2? If so, you’ll love the punk Eleven costume. The jacket is boxy with rolled cuffs and real buttons. This costume also comes with the slicked back wig and wrist band. Pair it with a favorite pair of jeans and don’t forget to roll the bottoms to create the ultimate 80s vibe!

Girl's Stranger Things Dress Costume

Eleven Stranger Things Dress

El is a great role model for little girls because she’s one tough cookie who isn’t afraid to stand up to bullies. Young Stranger Things fan can transform into their favorite waffle-loving character with this girl’s Stranger Things dress costume. It’s perfect for wearing while she works on her telekinetic powers. She’ll be able to clean her room without lifting a finger in no time!

Girls Stranger Things Eleven Costume

Eleven Stranger Things Costume

Maybe your little girl is more of a jean-person and less of a dress-person? Great news, she can still morph into Eleven with this girl’s Stranger Things Eleven costume which recreates one of her most memorable appearances from Season 2—the overalls look. The plaid shirt completes the ensemble and offsets the faux-jean overalls. Have your little El strike a fierce pose so you can take her picture! Monster