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There are plenty of wise professors at Hogwarts. Plenty of kind professors. And plenty of brave professors too. But Professor Dumbledore is all three. If you want to dress up as an iconic hero of the Wizarding World, a Dumbledore costume is a great choice. Choose an Albus Dumbledore costume and you'll feel ready to take on all the wonder and magic of The Hogwarts Wizarding School.
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Are you ready to take on some of the magic of the Wizarding World? Then fancy Dumbledore robes are the way to go. Once you wrap yourself up in his cozy uniform and slip those Dumbledore glasses on your face, You'll feel ready to guide hundreds of students into a world of magic.

This isn't a small role! There are a lot of questions and problems that you'll have to help your pupils through, even if he who must not be named isn't hunting down a star student. The headmaster of Hogwarts has to deal with all the regular issues that any headmaster has to deal with. Feuds between competing students, reprimanding students that skip class to practice their driving (aka broom flying) skills, and helicopter parents wanting better grades and everyday updates on their kids studying so far from home.

Dumbledore has to deal with the magical side of things as well. What to do when a kid uncovers a curse in the restricted section of the library? How much information to give a student who's interested in the darker side of magic? What to do if the household ghosts are getting out of hand? All this is to say, that Dumbledore's role might be one of the hardest headmaster positions out there!

An Adult Dumbledore costume should have a few elements besides the robe. For one, his long beard and long white hair is a must, that ponytail style is kind of his trademark style, after all. If you can grow this yourself, congratulations, you are epic. If not, we have a wig that'll help you fake it. Secondly, you'll want a Dumbledore hat. That little tassel on top hints at the headmaster's eclectic and whimsical tastes. Thirdly, the Albus Dumbledore wand is entirely distinctive and recognizable by any Harry Potter fan. Use any other kind and you'll be dressing up as a different wizard using Polyjuice potion!

With these elements in mind, you're ready to take on the great task of putting together the perfect Dumbledore Halloween costume. Though, it won't be too daunting as we have everything you need right here! And if you have a young wizard, wize beyond their years at home, there's no need to worry. We have Dumbledore costume kids in mind as well! The Dumbledore robe is perfect for those kids who can only think about the Wizarding World and are fully immersed in the books for the first time. That's a magic time that can never be reproduced, even by the most powerful witch or wizard!

Are you ready to spread your brand of magical wisdom in your Dumbledore outfit? Take it beyond Halloween to cosplay events, literature fairs, and Harry Potter themed parties. You can even pair up with coworkers like Professor McGonagall and Hagrid to reunite some of the best staff any school has ever seen. This is also a sure hit for actual teachers looking for a show-stopping group costume! You know what we always say about an epic group costume, "We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."

Whether you're dressing up solo or heading out with a Wizarding crew, we hope you have plenty of fun dressing up as this magical icon. Just remember to bring plenty of Sherbet Lemon drops along when you're all dressed up! Monster