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If you want to make sure your haunted house is extra spooky, you should add a skeleton dog for a reanimated man's best friend! We have several kinds of skeleton dog Halloween decorations for sale right here. Be sure to get one for your next scary scene or get them all for your own Halloween skeleton dog kennel!
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When it comes to Halloween, and especially Halloween decorating, skeletons are ubiquitous. The image of a walking skeleton is seen in Halloween art, in holiday movies and shows, and of course, in the form of skeletons posed in a front yard or haunted house. And the classic skeleton costume—white bones printed on a black jumpsuit—is one of the most iconic Halloween costumes of all time.

Mankind's fascination with skulls and skeletons dates back ages. We know that real human skeletons were a part of ancient rituals, and we frequently see skeletons intermingled with people in medieval art. The fascination didn't wane much through the ages, and when Halloween took root in its modern form, skeleton imagery was an essential component of the festivities.

All of which gave rise to skeleton props being one of the most popular, if not the most popular, pieces of Halloween decor. Human skeletons can be seen in just about every haunted house and front yard scene, but we'd like to make sure you know that there's more than just one species of skeleton available for sale here at Because we also have Halloween skeleton dogs for you to have a spooky version of man's best friend!

Skeleton props for human bones are available in all manner of shapes and sizes. And we have an impressive selection of dog skeleton Halloween decorations to pose right at their side! With howling dog skeletons, barking dog skeletons, and even Halloween dog skeletons with scary light up eyes, we have the perfect four-legged skeleton friend for you.

Take a look at our most popular dog skeleton Halloween prop to get started. The Spike the Skeleton Dog is the perfect pooch for any haunted scene! This skeleton dog features a posable dog skull that's a realistic recreation of a canine skull, with the addition of ears and a nose so that it looks more lifelike. The rest of the dog skeleton is quite realistic, too, and its seated posture makes Spike look ready for a treat. We would wonder what exactly to give a skeleton dog for a snack, though!

If you want a very scary Halloween decoration, you should consider a two-headed dog skeleton for extra fright factor! The Double Trouble Doberman features a large dog skeleton with two heads attached and each of the dog skulls features light-up eyes and animated jaws. When the effects are activated it makes for a pretty doggone frightening pup. We can just imagine the little trick-or-treaters at your front door dropping their treat bags when they catch sight of this demonic Doberman!

We have plenty more dog skeleton Halloween props to choose from, too. You can get a puppy dog skeleton, a pug dog skeleton, and even dog skeletons that are posed howling at the moon! Any of our skeleton dogs are sure to add some creativity to your Haunted House display, and the only limit to the scene's spookiness is your own imagination. So, get to shopping by picking out one of these dog skeleton Halloween ideas, and then be sure to shop all of our Halloween decors to make sure you have the best display in the neighborhood! Monster