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Halloween Costumes 2015: Adult Costume Ideas

by |October 11, 2015

Adult Halloween Costumes.jpg


Work, bills, and responsibilities. Ugh! Growing up sure seems to be the pits, but it's not all bad! You can eat ice cream any time you want, you can stay up late, and you don't have to answer to your parents when choosing your Halloween costume. Let's face it, our parents all made us wear a humiliating costume at one point in time! Did we mention that adult Halloween costumes are way cooler than the ones for kids? Don't believe it? Check out some of these adult costumes and prepare to have a whole new perspective on adult life.


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Flatter Your Figure: Plus Size Pirate Costumes

by |August 27, 2014

Full-Figure Pirate Costume Tips and Tricks to Dress for Your Body Shape


Plus Size Wicked Wench Pirate

Pirate Costume for a Column Body Shape

Why this works for a column body shape:

1. Soft feminine fabrics drape and gather at the bust to create gentle curves

2. A detailed corset nips in the waist and plays up a long torso

3. A bright sash...

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