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The Ultimate Couples Halloween Costume Guide

by |September 30, 2023

The Ultimate Couples Halloween Costume Guide

So you’re looking to do the whole couples Halloween costume thing are you? Isn’t it fun when you can rock the town together? And who doesn’t want to win the best couple costume award at the party? We get it! You’ve come to the right place to find the ultimate couples costume ideas. We mean, costumes are what we do here. From movie-themed costumes to food costumes, this guide has you covered. Now sit back and get the wheels turning as we tell you some of our couple costume ideas.


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Making Mario: The Creation and Evolution of Mario [Infographic]

The Evolution of Mario

Mario has a lot to brag about - appearing in more than 200 video games, being the titular character of the bestselling video game franchise of all time, not to mention sporting a killer mustache "before it was cool." The latest feather in Mario's cap will be the release of his newest game, Super Mario Maker, which is set to be released this Friday, September 11! But was Mario always the king of the gaming scene? Was there a time he didn't wear that signature red cap? What does a Mario evolution look like? What was with that one time he was a Doctor - does he even have a license to practice medicine?

We could take a stab at answering these questions ourselves, but why, when Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself has been so forthcoming with information! In his own words, with our own illustrations, here is the story behind your favorite...

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