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Classic Country Halloween Decoration Ideas

Classic Halloween Decorations and Table Setting


Halloween in the courtry is a beautiful thing! Warm colors, earthy decor, and traditional themes create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Even if you don't technically live in the country you can make your home feel like you do with these classic Halloween decoriations. Grab some spiced cider and we'll show you a few ways to decorate your home in a welcoming cozy country way.


How to Create a Warm and Cozy Halloween Home


Set an Inviting Table


Classic Halloween Decorations and Table Setting

Light Gray Web Table Runner - Shop

Start with an inviting tablescape. Using traditional...

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Genre Of The Dead [Infographic]

Zombie Infographic Feature Image

Zombie movies, zombie video games, zombie TV shows...zombie themed media seems to have infected nearly every facet of pop culture, and you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way! We have traced this genre's epidemic spread from its roots in the 1920's, all the way to present times. (Just in time for The Walking Dead season premiere this Sunday!) Just remember rule #20: It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint! Our 'Genre of the Dead' Infographic...

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