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Top Costumes for School Plays [Costume Guide]

by |March 18, 2022

Top Costumes for School Plays

All the world's a stage, and the people merely players. Perhaps not everyone thinks this way, but many theater kids are familiar with it! Many kids get started on the stage in school, and there are tons of excellent school play costumes for kids and teens. Whether you're looking for theater costumes or your child loves the theater enough to pick a play costume for Halloween, here are some great costume ideas from our favorite stage plays and musicals!


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Don't Mess With Hexes: Iconic Witches From Pop Culture [Infographic]

by |October 6, 2021
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Don't Mess With Hexes: Iconic Witches From Pop Culture

People have been telling stories about witches for, well, as long as they've been telling stories. The hags and crones in those early tales were evil, ugly monsters. Witches in modern media, however, are more three-dimensional. Many are good at heart, and even the evil ones leave us loving them! So with Halloween approaching, we thought it was time to look at some of our faves. Hop on your broom and join us as we explore the most iconic witches from pop culture!


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Witch and Wizard Costumes That'll Put a Spell on You [Costume Guide]

by |August 13, 2021

Witch and Wizard Costumes That'll Put a Spell on You

Welcome to another costume guide! This time, we'll be looking at witch costumes and wizard costumes and everything related: hags and crones and warlocks and sorcerers. (Oh my!) But don't worry, there's no dark magic here, only quality costumes with some chilling or campy magical themes! Of course, we'll also look at some of our favorite witch and wizard accessories, from crystal balls to wizard staffs to Halloween masks. So hop on that magical broom and let's go!


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5 Spooky Movie Myths: When Movie Magic Becomes Black Magic

by |October 22, 2014
Categories: Horror, Movies, Resource

Top Five Movie Myths


Everybody loves a good movie, but EVERYBODY loves a good movie with an even better behind-the-scenes urban legend. When making movies about the darker side of life, sometimes bad things happen, sometimes weird things happen, and sometimes people even get hurt. Outlined here is a countdown...

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