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Over the Top: WWE Royal Rumble Stats & Records [Infographic]

by |January 17, 2018

Over the Top: WWE Royal Rumble Stats and Records Infographic

The 31st WWE Royal Rumble will take place on January 28, 2018. The Royal Rumble has consistently been one of the WWE’s top events, highlighted by the 30-person rumble match, which consists of wrestlers eliminating one another by tossing them over the top rope until only one remains. The...

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Signature Moves: The 11 Greatest Finishers in WWE History [Infographic]

by |January 22, 2016
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There is no greater evidence of professional wrestling as “sports entertainment” than the use and effectiveness of finishing maneuvers. Finishers, as they are often called, are signature moves used by wrestlers, often near the end of the match, to finally secure the pinfall and win. What makes finishers so fun (and infuriating) is that in the hands of one superstar, they are simply another traditional wrestling maneuver, but when categorized as a finisher, they become overpowered, unstoppable moves that no one can kick out...

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