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by |October 22, 2016

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Every year, there’s at least one new movie that inspires a popular new Halloween costume for kids. Whether it’s Minions, Elsa from Frozen, or even an inflatable T-Rex costume from Jurassic World, once the children see them, they want to be that character. 2016 was no different with several popular children’s films like Disney’s Zootopia and Finding Dory along with Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets that were released featuring several popular characters who are soon to be worn as several popular Halloween costumes. Animal costumes are always a well-loved option among children and each of these movies provided animal costume ideas for many characters.

Zootopia was the biggest hit of the year, passing 2003’s Finding Nemo as the highest-grossing original animated film of all time and earning over $1 billion at the worldwide box office. The film follows the unlikely duo of Zootopia’s first bunny police officer, Judy Hopps, and the sly fox, Nick Wilde, as they work together to uncover the mystery of who is causing the animals of Zootopia to turn evil. The two make a formidable pair, as well as a pair of cute Halloween costumes. We’ve put together some fun DIY tutorials to create some adorable Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde cosplay. Check them out below!


Judy Hopps in Zootopia

Judy Hopps in Zootopia


In the movie, Judy Hopps is thrilled to make it through training to become the first bunny police officer in Zootopia. However, her excitement is tempered upon learning that her first beat is parking meter duty. On the other hand, the position is what led her to meeting Nick Wilde in the first place so, in hindsight, it ended up being a good thing for her.


DIY Judy Hopps Costume

DIY Judy Hopps Costume

"I am a real cop."


Products Used

DIY Judy Hopps Products

  Judy Hopps Hat     Mega Man Costume

Bunny Tail     Police Badge      Wrist Sleeves     Police Costume

To create the look of meter maid Judy, we used dark blue pants from a child’s police officer uniform together with a light blue shirt. Accessories like wrist guards, bunny ears, and tail pull the look together. And don’t forget the police badge! You can find all the makeup tips you need in our tutorial video below.


Judy Hopps Makeup Tutorial Video


Judy Hopps Makeup Tutorial Video Transcript

First thing you'll want to do is use and Elmer non-toxic gluestick and a mascara wand, and glue down the eyebrows. Then, set them with translucent powder. Next, go in with a light gray cream paint to shape and shade out the main parts of the face. You'll want to layer the paint until you get just the right pigment.

Then, take a slightly darker gray and outline and shade the lighter gray areas. Next, take the white paint and apply it around the mouth and eyes. This makes them seem larger than they really are. Now, take black paint and outline the eyes, and then shade around the face.

Next, take pink eye shadow and make the nose and mouth. Once you've finished with the nose and mouth, set the full face paint with powder. Finally, take some black and gray, and make the furry eyebrows. And, you're done!


Nick Wilde in Zootopia

Nick Wilde from Zootopia


When it comes to being sly as a fox, Nick Wilde is the ultimate scam artist. When we meet Nick in the movie, he’s pulling off a scam with his small partner-in-crime, Finnick. After being caught red-handed by Officer Hopps, he is forced to assist her in solving her mystery in order to avoid jail time.


DIY Nick Wilde Costume

DIY Nick Wilde Costume

"It's called a hustle, sweetheart."


Products Used

DIY Nick Wilde from Zootopia products

Fox Costume for Kids    Tan Pants     Striped Ties

Dressing as Nick Wilde for Halloween is easy and makes for a quite comfortable costume (especially on a cold Halloween night). All you need is a fox costume, khaki pants, a green shirt, and a tie! Want a different look? [Spoiler Alert] Because Nick Wilde ends up joining the police force and becoming Judy’s partner, you can dress up in a child’s police officer costume.


DIY Nick Wilde Makeup Tutorial Video


DIY Nick Wilde Makeup Tutorial Video Transcript

First, mix red, orange and tan face paint to create a burnt orange base. Spread the base on the face, except the eyelids and around the mouth. Now, mix beige and white face paint to create and off-white color. Using a small stipple brush, begin feathering the paint around the mouth using a flicking motion with the wrist to blend the two colors together, and create a fur-like effect. Then, feather the paint further out on the cheeks, and keep it more solid on the chin to create a subtle, inverted triangle.

Next, cover the lips in some of the off-white paint. Make sure the area surrounding the mouth is opaque, and that the paint gradually thins out as it reaches the burnt orange base. If you feel the line between the two colors is too harsh, you can go back in with more burnt orange to blend it further. Use a burgundy eyeshadow to fill in the eyebrows. Make them thick and bold, and extend the tail of the brow so they appear longer.

Then, with a black gel eyeliner, fill in the lips and extend the mouth on either side, slightly upturning the line at both ends. Next, using the same black eyeliner, paint the bottom of the nose black and then slowly round it out, keeping the black low on the nose, and the shape more flat than round. Using the black eyeliner again, create a thin, straight line to connect the base of the septum to the center of the cupid's bow. (That's the space between your nose and lip!)

Now, prime the eyelids with eyeshadow primer, so the colors are more vibrant, and to keep those shadows from creasing. Then, using a fluffy crease brush, apply orange eyeshadow under the brow bone, and diffuse it towards the crease. Using a flat shader brush, apply a rusty brown colored shadow to the lid, and diffuse it toward the crease until it meets the orange shadow. Make sure the rusty brown is at its most intense at the base of the eyelashes, and fades into the orange. Apply the same burgundy eyeshadow that was used on the brows to the eyelids. Start by working the color in at the base of the eyelashes, and slowly beld it over the rust color, stopping just below the crease. Make sure you blend it out so that there are no harsh edges. Then, apply the burgundy eyeshadow beneath the eyes, keeping the shadow close to the lash line. Lightly buff the rusty brown shadow directly over the edge of the burgundy, and slowly diffuse the rusty brown outwards to blend the colors and avoid harsh lines.

At this point with the majority of the makeup applied, it's a good idea to go back and touch up any of the lines that aren't smoothed out, and make sure colors are intense and opaque. Then, apply a very thin line of black eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line by wiggling the brush into the base of the eyelashes. Touch up the black on the mouth, making sure that it is opaque, and the edges are smooth. if the edges are not as clean as you would like, you can use off-white paint to smooth them off too.

Next, apply a light orange shadow to the high points of the face, as well as around the off-white paint to help further blend the burnt orange color. Continue to go back and forth with the light orange and the off-white until the edges are blended to a point that you're happy with the way it looks. Finally, use the eyeliner to touch up any areas where the black is not opaque, and make any finishing touches needed. This Nick Wilde is ready to help Judy Hopps solve the next mystery!


The Finished Look

DIY Finished Look

A familiar scene from this trailer.


Zootopia Halloween Costume Ideas

Movie Costume Ideas

Sloth Costume     Cheetah Costume

Lion Costume     Sheep Costume

If you want to be someone like Flash the sloth or one of the many other great characters from Zootopia, all you need is the appropriate animal costume. Once you have your costume, just dress it up in the proper attire. Dress your lion costume up in a blue suit for Mayor Lionheart or, like Judy Hopps, find a police uniform for the Cheetah costume to dress up as Officer Clawhauser. The options are endless. As they say in Zootopia, “anyone can be anything.”


Do your kids want to dress up as Zootopia characters for Halloween? Who are some of their favorite characters? The “good” thing is that Zootopia was recently made available for streaming on Netflix, so whether you’ve seen it only once or if your kids have watched it a hundred times, you can always watch it again and again. If your family loves the movie and wants to dress up in Zootopia costumes, check out our full selection animal costumes and try to figure out what characters you can create.

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