The Evolution of Halloween in North America [Infographic]

by |October 12, 2016
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History of Halloween in North America Infographic

While we all know that the origins of Halloween didn't quite include Grease costumes or Fun Size Snickers, the other facts and tidbits about the best holiday's history may not be so clear. Where did "trick or treat" really originate and what was the first reference to this tradition in pop culture? Did people really put razors in candy or was that just a hoax? (And did you know that some people threw flour on unsuspecting passersby on All Hallow's Eve?!) To explain just when Halloween appeared in North America and how it evolved into the holiday we know and celebrate today, we created this infographic. We hope you enjoy... if you dare!

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Evolution of Halloween Infographic

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What was your favorite fact about the history of Halloween in North America? Ours was the fact that Scout dressed as a Ham for Halloween in To Kill a Mockingbird! How inspirational. If all this talk about celebrating Halloween in years gone by has you excited for this season, you can check out our classic Halloween costumes to pick your favorite.

Design and Research Credit: Kate Willaert

MaDonna Flowers

MaDonna is a Brand Specialist at and has dressed up as a cat well over a dozen times in her life for the holiday. Last year, she dressed as her favorite skeleton, Jaunty.