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The batty ballots have been tallied. The spooky stats have been gathered. The demon data has been mined. The Frankenstinian facts have been foraged. The Nosferatu numbers have been get the idea. We present to you, the 2015 edition of our Halloween facts and stats infographic, Creepy Calculations! Are you one of the 50% of American households that will run out of trick-or-treat candy this year? Are you part of the quarter of all Americans that waits until the last two weeks of October to shop for your Halloween costume? Is your pet's costume one of the five trendiest of Halloween 2015? See how you measure up by cheking out our chilling visual guide below!


  Creepy Calculations 2015 Infographic

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Halloween Statistics 2015 Creepy Calculations Transcript


How Adults Plan to Celebrate Halloween

64% of American adults age 18+ plan to celebrate Halloween in 2015

  • Hand Out Candy: 68%
  • Decorate Home & Yard: 45%
  • Dress in Costume: 44%
  • Carve a Pumpkin: 41%
  • Throw or Attend a Pary: 32%
  • Take Children Trick-Or-Treating: 28%
  • Visit a Haunted House: 18%
  • Dress Up Their Pet: 13%

When Americans Shop

  • Before September: 6%
  • September: 28%
  • The First 2 Weeks of October: 41%
  • The Last 2 Weeks of October: 25%

Where Inspiration Comes From

  • Online: 31%
  • In Stores: 27%
  • Friends & Family: 18%
  • Pop Culture: 14%

Breakdown of Online/Outside Inspirations

Pinterest: 13%

Printed Media: 13%

Facebook: 13%

YouTube: 8%

Current Events: 7%

Instagram: 7%

Twitter: 4%

Blogs: 3%

How Much Americans Will Spend

  • Adults: $1.2 Billion
  • Kids: $950 Million
  • Pets: $350 Million

Popular 2015 Costumes




Big Hero 6

Inside Out

Star Wars


Harley Quinn

Marty McFly

Creepy Dolls

Donald Trump





The Pope

Star Wars

A Bat

Favorite Candy Types

  • Chocolate: 70%
  • Candy Corn: 13%
  • Chewy Candy: 6%
  • Gummy Candy: 5%

Candy Calculations

  • 50% of households claim they sometimes or often run out of candy on Halloween night
    • You are more likely to run out of candy if your household doesn't have children at home
  • 78% of parents confess to eating candy from their children's Halloween collection
    • more families in the Midwest hand out candy to trick-or-treaters than in any other region
  • 60% of households claim that having an especially unique or cute costume doesn't affect how much candy they hand out
    • Men are 9% more likely to reward Halloween costume creativity than women are
  • 72% of households hand out 2 to 3 pieces of candy per trick-or-treater
    • 51% of households let the trick-or-treaters select their own candy, while 49% select the candy for the trick-or-treater. Nearly half and half!


Internal Data, NRF (National Retail Federation), NCA (National Confectioners Association)


1.5 billion dollars spent on adult costumes this year? Wow! Don't become a statistic in next year's creepy calculations infographic by missing your chance to dress in costume! There's still time to pick out the perfect disguise for yourself or for your family members. You can browse our selection of nearly 6,000 adult costume ideas HERE, or take a gander at 4,000 kids costume ideas HERE!

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