DIY Netflix and Chill Couples Halloween Costume

by |October 1, 2015
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DIY Netflix and Chill Costume


To Millennials, the phrase “Netflix and Chill” has more connotations than people not in the know might realize. When someone slides through your DMs with an offer like that, you should proooobably educate yourself on the ulterior motives first before you innocently invite them over for a marathon of House of Cards. To put it lightly, if you ask someone to “Netflix and Chill,” you’re hoping for something a little more exciting than “chilling” when the lights get low. Feel free to make any potentially-bad decisions you want while swiping through Tinder, but you have to admit dressing up in a couples “Netflix and Chill” costume is a 100% GREAT decision.



DIY Netflix and Chill Halloween Costume

Funny Netflix and Chill Halloween Costume


The number one thing you need for this costume is our custom shirt printer – find an image of the Netflix logo and print that on a red shirt, and then on the white shirt, just the word Chill. That way you will have your own Netflix and chill shirt! Perfect. Print it! Ship it! You’re done! There’s always props you can add, but these two things are definitely the main premise of the look when making a Netflix and chill costume.


Products Used

How to make a Netflix and Chill costume

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Some extra ideas we had are:

  • Carry around a "chill" bag of ice all night. That might melt, though, so be careful!
  • Have someone hold a clapper from a film set. You know, for the times you want to call for, ahem, action.
  • If you have an extra friend laying around, this “one-night stand” costume is perfect for a creepy third wheel to wear, to turn this couples look into a topical group costume. 


Netflix and Chill Group Costume with One Night Stand

“So, uhhh, do you guys just want me to stay back here, or…..?”


Everyone is getting in on this meme, too. Netflix even made their own “Netflix and Chill” button called “The Switch,” which engineers say will dim the lights, turn your phone to “Do Not Disturb,” and fires up the website. Amazing. And, we do have to say, we were inspired by Tinder user vrpowell2000, who set his profile picture to be a one-man Netflix and Chill costume. We salute you, vrpowell2000!

Netflix and Chill costume for couples

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