From the Hill to the Sky: The Evolution of Ant-Man [Infographic]

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There is a reason comic fans eagerly anticipate that first blurry shot of their favorite character’s costume after a cinematic adaptation is announced. True fans know that almost every comic book character in history has gone through numerous costume changes (except maybe the Hulk—tiny shorts and a bare green chest forever), and every fan wants to see their favorite character’s costume represented accurately on screen. Since comics are illustrated, turning hand-drawn ideas into tangible and realistic on-screen attire can be a challenge. Thankfully, though, it looks like the creative team behind the Ant-Man film has paged thoroughly through comic history and found the right mixture of both old and new for our favorite pin-sized superhero. As you "ant"icipate the film's release next Friday, enjoy reading up on Ant-Man's interesting evolution!



Evolution of Ant-Man Infographic 

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What is your favorite Ant-Man costume? Do you think Giant-Man or Goliath will appear in the film? Let us know in the comments below! (We're guessing they're being saved for the sequel.) Not that you ever need a reason to wear a costume, but movie releases are a great excuse to dress up as Ant-Man or any of your favorite superheroes! Check out our huge selection of superhero costumes as well as our officially licensed child ant man costume that will help any already tiny tot fit into the smallest of spaces.   



Infographic Design Credit: Jacob Kuddes

Infographic Writing Credit: Gentry Boeckel

Gentry Boeckel

Gentry is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at His favorite costume of all time was his attempt at a Clint Eastwood “Man with No Name.” He found out that ponchos aren’t just good for the dusty West, but come in handy in the cold of a Minnesota October. With the new Star Wars movies about to be released through Disney, he is looking forward to seeing the amazing new helmets, sabers and all-around awesome cosplay based on the galaxy far, far away.