Jurassic Pup: Puppies Replace Raptors in 6 Movie Scenes

by |June 10, 2015
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Jurassic Pup


Typical weekday you = At work. Bored. Scroll through go-to blogs in search of fun article to chase away doldrums. Find one! Fluffy puppies! Find second one! Behind-the-scenes info about cool upcoming movie! SHOOT. Only have time for one before important spreadsheet is due. CAN'T PICK BETWEEN PUPPIES AND MOVIES!! SHAKE FIST AND WONDER WHY WORLD IS SO CRUEL!!

Okay deep breaths. That really escalated there. Here's some good news: With "Jurassic Pup," you don't have to make the world's most difficult choice. You can have it all! We took one of 2015's most highly anticipated films and stuck tiny widdle puppies right in it! Specifically, we removed the Velociraptors from 6 iconic Jurassic Park and Jurassic World scenes, and replaced the scary dinos with a puppy dressed AS a dino.



1. Jurassic Park: Raptors in the Kitchen

Jurassic Pup Raptor Kitchen Scene

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  • Why it's scary with raptors: Being hunted down by not one but TWO ferocious predators in one of the most sacred rooms of all, the room where food is born, is not on anyone's to-do list. This scene is so mentally scarring, we bet everyone that watched it has since (a) tried to sit in their oven to make sure they fit in case of a dinosaur attack, and (b) been terrified after dropping a ladle on the floor. THE RAPTORS WILL HEAR YOU!
  • Why it's better with puppies: Two puppies break into the kitchen and are bound and determined to hunt you down. All we have to say to that scenario is yes please! Sign us up. The only reason pooches would want to find the dropped ladle is to lick up whatever yummy food might be left in it!



2. Jurassic Park: Clever Girl

Jurassic Pup Clever Girl Scene

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  • Why it's scary with raptors: Robert Muldoon is a decorated game hunter, and if there is such a title, the world's foremost Velociraptor wrangler. If HE was caught off guard by the skilled group hunting techniques of the raptors in the jungle, just imagine how the average Joe or Jane would have fared. *Shiver*
  • Why it's better with puppies: The only thing better than being stalked by one cute doggy, is being hunted by a pack! We can only hope they all strike at the same time with their puppy kisses.



3. Jurassic Park: Raptor Breath On The Window

Jurassic Pup Window Nose Fog Scene

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  • Why it's scary with raptors: Lex and Tim knew very well that the hot, foggy, breath on the kitchen window was not a good thing. What they didn't yet know, was that raptors figured out how to use their dangerous claws to open door handles! Of all the things to be glad to see peering at you through a tiny window, the beady eyes of a Velociraptor ahould be at the very bottom of the list.
  • Why it's better with puppies: Can you even imagine a tiny furball face staring at you through a window? Breathing on the glass with it's wet nose, trying to get in? OMG you would run to that door so fast to let him come bounding in. No need to learn to use door handles, pup. We've got you!



4. Jurassic Park: Hatching Baby Raptor

Jurassic Pup baby raptor hatch

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  • Why it's scary with raptors: There's just something so creepy about this scene! The eerie music, John Hammond saying "come on then, come on then," talking to the raptor in like..."baby talk," the gooey membrane on the dino's head, eck! The sense of dread is amplified by knowing that this "cute" baby dino will grow up to eat cows in mere seconds.
  • Why it's better with puppies: We'd take a page out of Hammond's book and insist on being present at the birth of every creature on the island, too, if the creatures were all puppies (and kitties) (and bunnies). Come on then, come on then! 



5. Jurassic World: Raptor Bike Gang


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  • Why it's scary with raptors: Riding a motorcycle alongside a pack of raptors. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, the dinosaurs don't even look like they're breaking a sweat and the motorbike is at full throttle, so what happens when these "trained" raptors turn on you and you "must go faster, must go faster? Hmm? THEN WHAT, Chris Pratt?
  • Why it's better with puppies: A puppy gang! A gang of puppies! Puppies that have banded together as your allies in a gang! Any way you say it, it's just the cutest thing to picture. Plus, it would be so fun to wear matching biker bandanas and pick out your biker gang name. We call dibs on "Bad to the Bone."



6. Jurassic World: Eyes On Me

Jurassic Pup Raptor Training Scene

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  • Why it's scary with raptors: When you train normal animals like seals or dogs or dolphins, you hold a treat in your hand for motivation. When you train Velociraptors, you ARE the treat. Cuz, you know, they eat people. So rest assured, Mr. Pratt, when you say "eyes on me," the raptors are definitely looking at you. But they're picturing you in their bellies.
  • Why it's better with puppies: If you've ever been to a puppy obedience class, then not much is needed to justify why this scenario, with puppies as opposed to flesh-eating dinos, would be preferable. A whole heap of baby hounds, wanting to please you, wanting to cuddle, wagging their tails, wanting to eat treats...it's a win win win win win situation!



Jurassic Pup Costumes

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We had an absolute blast dressing up our mini schnauzer mix in a raptor costume and playing around for an afternoon, and we can guarantee the same joy for you if you dress up your little fluff ball as a dinosaur. Just think of the Instagram pictures that would come of such a dress-up day! (In fact, be sure to tag @Funcostumes if you do.) You know who else looks cute in dinosaur costumes? BABIES! If you'd rather give that a try, since babies won't try to shake off their costume hoods, you can take a look at our kids dinosaur costumes, here



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