Halo: Index of Alien Species [Infographic]

by |November 26, 2014

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Thirteen years, eleven games, two systems, and one genre-defining universe - Halo is officially a juggernaut of the gaming world. The Halo Franchise took the Xbox from "the new kid on the block," to a console titan. Master Chief has become one of the most iconic characters in the gaming universe, standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Mario, Sonic, or Pac-Man.


In addition to the game franchise, Halo launched an entire media landscape. There are novels, comics, web series, television shows, and even a scrapped movie ( whose status seems to change every week). These new forms of media brought a rich and deep universe to life, one which is populated by a diverse cast of creatures who come in all shapes and sizes. We hope you enjoy our chart, an index of all the sentient alien species found in Halo!


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Halo Aliens Infographic


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