DIY Little Monsters Maurice Costume

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Little Monsters DIY Costume


Released in 1989 Little Monsters stars Fred Savage as Brian Stevenson, a 6th Grader who finds himself isolated after moving to a new town. Trouble continues as he begins to be and blamed for strange happenings in his home. Brian soon discovers that the culprit of these mysterious occurrences is a monster named Maurice played by Howie Mandel. Maurice takes Brian to the "Monster World," a modern-day Neverland of sorts. But the Monster World hides a dark secret, one that will test Brian in ways he never expected.


Maurice the Monster

Little Monsters Costume DIY Maurice and Brian

Maurice (Howie Mandel--Left) & Brian (Fred Savage--Right) [Source]


Little Monsters' Maurice is the monster responsible for the strange happenings in Brian's house. Though he seems to be there simply to scare Brian and his brother, he soon realizes that he and Brian have much in common. They become fast friends and eventually make their way to the Monster World, which to Brian's delight turns out to be a place where kids can play games and eat junk food all day. Maurice and Brian's friendship runs them afoul of Snik, Maurice's nemesis, and Snik's boss/ruler of the underworld, "Boy." 


The Supplies

Maurice is a great, animated, character who makes an even better costume. To pull it off you're going to need the following materials:

Diy Maurice Costume Supplies HalloweenSpirit Gum - Shop         Blue Makeup - Shop

Devil Horns - Shop         Tooth Wax - Shop         Purple Hair Spray - Shop

In addition to these supplies, a trip to your local thrift store will be required. You'll need to snag a variety of buttons, a denim shirt, a black leather/pleather jacket, and Converse-type shoes.


Little Monsters Makeup Tutorial Video

Once you have the clothing pieces, assembling the costume is easy. It's the MAKEUP that really sells this DIY! Here is a video illustrating the step-by-step process.


Little Monsters Makeup Tutorial Video Transcript

The first thing you're going to want to do is glue down your blue bald cap with spirit gum by applying it in the front, and then pulling it back slowly. Trim the edges of the bald cap so it fits around the ears and around the neck without touching any of the hair.

Then, go in and cover your eyebrows with a glue stick, and set the glue in place with a color set powder. Then, map out your warts with black eyeliner, and the forehead pattern.

Then, cut up your mohawk, spray it purple, and apply it with spirit gum. Then, you're just going to want to fill in all the warts and the forehead pieces with liquid latex and sculpt gel.

Then, paint your whole face blue, and set it with a color set powder. Then with the brush and the blue face paint, go in and fill in the finer details around the eyes. Then, cover your forehead pattern and all of the little warts with a dark blue eyeshadow. Then, rim the eyes in a really thick black.

Dry off your teeth, and then apply tooth decay to make your teeth look sharper. Spray your mohawk a little bit more purple, and then you're going to paint your hands blue and your fingernails black. Style your mohawk, and glue your horns down to the sides.

[Laughter] What do you know? What do you got? What do you got? Ope! I'm under your bed!

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The Finished Look

Here are some glamour shots of our naughty blue monster! Finish this look off with a bag of potato chips, and you're all set to win the costume contest. (If 80's babies are judges, of course.)Little Monster Costume DIY Maurice 1


Little Monsters Constume DIY Maurice 2


Little Monsters Constume DIY Maurice 3


Little Monsters Constume DIY Maurice 4


Little Monsters Constume DIY Maurice 5 

Need any further convincing that this costume is a great choice for your Halloween celebrations? How about the fact that Howie Mandel HIMSELF approves of our DIY! Our Maurice Model got retweeted by the original Little Monsters actor, earlier this month. Got 'em got 'em need 'em got 'em:

Howie Mandel Little Monsters Halloween Costumes DIY


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