Grumpy Cat Makeup Tutorial

by |October 17, 2014
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Grumpy Cat Makeup DIY
"Everybody wants to be a cat because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at!"


Grumpy Cat seems to hate everything. She hates friends, she hates parties, she hates going anywhere, but … does she hate Halloween? Well, probably, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up as the most famous crabby cat since Garfield, right? This is an awesome-but-easy makeup look that anyone can do to accompany their Grumpy Cat costume, and we’re here to show you how.


Materials Needed

White Base Makeup        Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit

Cat Ears         Foundation and Powder         Makeup Brushes

(From the Special Effects Kit: ColorSet Powder, Brown from the 8-Color Palette, Brown from the Bruise ColorRing, Small and Medium Makeup Brushes)

Grumpy Cat Makeup Tutorial

How to do Grumpy Cat Makeup


Step 01: Start with a clean, fresh face! Start thinking about all the things that annoy you to get into that Grumpy Cat mood.


Step 02: Use a foundation brush to cover your face with the white base makeup, leaving your eye sockets (from the eyebrow to about an inch below your eye) unpainted.


Step 03: Use the large powder makeup brush to add the ColorSet powder on top.


Step 04: Using your medium makeup brush, apply the brown makeup from the Bruise ColorRing on your eyebrows. Don’t forget to include the two upturns on the inside edges to give yourself that furrowed-brow look. 


Step 05: Next, fill in the non-white area you left around your eyes with a medium brown eye shadow.


Step 06: Take your small makeup brush and the brown eye shadow and draw a bunch of tiny lines coming out from the bottom of the brown circles. This will make you look nice and furry! Use the same eye shadow and shade in the outer curves of the brows to further emphasize the crabbiness.


Step 07: Color in the bottom of your nose with the brown makeup and draw a line in that little groove between your nose and lips that no one ever remembers the name of. (Fact: we just googled it and it’s called a philtrum.)


Step 08: Using the brown makeup, draw lines extending out and down from the edges of your lips to create that little kitty pout.


Step 09: Chances are you’ve smudged up your original white face paint base while completing the other steps. It’s ok, we did, too! Just touch up any weird looking spots with the white base makeup.


Step 10: Get grumpy!!



Now that you’ve finished your makeup, you’ve got to play the part. We’ve made a few Halloween-themed Grumpy Cat memes to give you some quotable inspiration.


Grumpy Cat Halloween MemeAwful Grumpy Cat Costume

Grumpy Cat Makeup Tutorial MemeSpooky Grumpy Cat Meme


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