1980s Costume Guide: 80s Rockstars

by |March 4, 2011
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I love theme parties. As a hostess, they make my life so much easier. Choosing the decorations, menu, and playlist takes all of 10 minutes once the theme is settled. It's great for my guests, too. They don't have to worry about over- or under-dressing. They know exactly what to wear. And, in case they don't, we will be producing a series of handy guides to help them out! First up, '80s rockstars:


1980s Rockstar and Party Girl Costumes

(Left to right: 80s Bride Costume, Black and Red Rebel Wig, Orange Mesh Top)

  • Look "Like a Virgin" in a Madonna-inspired sexy short wedding dress. It's a double-duty costume, as you can take center stage for the "White Wedding" dance party, too. Bonus points if for wavy, pseudo-permed hair.
  • If you want to show less skin, tear up some light-colored jeans and grab a blazer. Dig in the back of your closet or head to the thrift store to round up some shoulder pads. Invest in a cool rebel rocker wig (this is essential in order for people to know you are actually wearing a costume.)
  • An '80s workout girl look is another fun look that works especially well for dance parties, Olivia Newtown John fans, and even blacklight parties (I personally rocked one of these costumes for an aerobics event that my gym hosted.) Choose leggings, leotards, and off-the-shoulder shirts in the brightest colors you can find and add some plastic jewelry. Crimping your hair take a lot of time, so if you're not up for it, leg warmers and fingerless gloves are great ways to stand out.
  • Inspired by Cyndi Lauper?
    • Show your more serious side with a True Colors wig and a black or white dress.
    • Go for a bright "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" look with a black leotard and neon skirts. Brightly colored plastic jewelry is an affordable addition for a more authentic look.


1980s Heavy Metal and Rocker Looks for Men

(My male friends often complain that dressing up is difficult. They are wrong.)

(Left to right: Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket, Heavy Metal Wig, Screenprint KISS Demon Costume)

  • Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop
    • Practice your moonwalk, go bold with a Billie Jean look, and you will definitely impress your friends. Don't forget the sparkly glove and the socks!
    • MJ's iconic red Thriller outfit is a great investment. (Let's be honest, red faux leather almost always is.) Grab a wig and a hat, too!
  • We do make a killer Punk Rock zombie costume, which works for a Thriller group or solo look.
  • If hard rock and hair bands are more your style, emulate the guys of Poison or Guns 'n' Roses by ripping up an old pair of jeans and grabbing a wig. Tattoo sleeves are awesome accessories - you can trick your family and friends into thinking that you just spend thousands of dollars on getting ink done.
  • KISS costumes are great if you're going solo or in a group. We even have kid versions. Choose your favorite: The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman, or The Catman, and prepare to Rock and Roll All Nite (and possibly party every day.)


Remember, the most important part of impersonating a rockstar is acting like one!

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