Classic Cartoon Characters- Women's Costume Ideas

Whether or not we admit to watching them, cartoons are a part of all our lives.  With such a huge variety of cartoons out there, though, it can be tough to pin down exactly which one to be. To help narrow down that list, let's look at a few of the classics more closely, along with the necessary accessories and makeup guides to have the perfect Halloween cartoon costume experience!


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Since the release of the film in 1942, a certain little deer has been warming our hearts. Bambi, future Great Prince of the Forest, takes us down a long road of loss, love, and coming of age. We laugh, we cry, and in the end we just can’t help wanting to… dress up like him? Let’s face it- who doesn’t want to don a pair of antlers and go prancing around?


Bambi Option 1

A simple dress with antlered hood, some furry boots, maybe a long flowy wig, and you’re done! It’s that easy. Pretty soon you’ll be out and about, playing with the neighboring rabbits and skunks and feeling an odd, lovey-dovey sensation. It’s called being “twitterpated” (not to be confused with the Twitter website).


deer costume

Deer Dress - shop          Wig - shop         Leg Warmers - shop
Brown Fuzzy Boots - shop          Brown Leather Boots - shop


Bambi Option 2

This is another way to put together a cute Bambi costume. If you already have some brown clothing that will do, just toss on a hood or antlers and you’re done! If you'd rather explore another culture, you can try something called “kigurumi,” which is a costumed character or mascot. One popular type is basically an oversized, loose pair of pajamas. Cute, silly, and attention grabbing, they’ll also keep you comfy and warm this Halloween.


deer accessories
Deer Hood - shop          Deer Antlers - shop          Pajama Suit - shop


To really complete the look, you can’t forget the makeup! And for your convenience, we’ve prepared a helpful little Bambi makeup tutorial!


Accents around the eyes, some cute white spots, a dark nose, and you’re done. It’s that easy!



If you want to throw way back to classic Disney movies, then Snow White is just the gal. She's from Disney's very first animated film in 1937, and she’s a 14-year-old princess with an evil stepmother. Her iconic outfit includes a blue bodice, a yellow skirt, and a red cape.


Snow White Option 1

This first option is a very classic interpretation of The Fairest of Them All, complete with a shiny red clutch in which to store your essentials (woodland creatures, of course!).


snow white costume
Dress Set - shop          Wig - shop          Apple Purse - shop
Gold Heels - shop          Red Heels - shop


Snow White Option 2

Even though she’s just a child in the film, there are a-million-and-one adaptations of her story, many of which increase her age and even center her in the front lines of battle. That said, you can do a lot with her outfit, including shortening the skirt and putting a fun, sexy twist on it.


sexy snow white
snow white accessories
Left Dress - shop          Right Dress - shop

White Stockings - shop          Apple Stockings - shop          Red Gloves - shop        

Red Petticoat - shop          Red Heels - shop


Once again, if you’re into the makeup scene and finishing details, give this little number a try!


Remember these few key points:

 Skin as White as Snow

 Lips as Red as the Rose

 Hair as Black as Ebony


Snow White Option 3

Hypothetical situation: What if the huntsman did as the queen wished? What if he really did cut out Snow’s heart? And what if she then came back as… a zombie bent on revenge?

zombie snow white
Ripped Dress - shop          Wig - shop          Ripped Gloves - shop
Bloody Knife - shop          Bloody Stockings - shop          Fishnet Tights - shop
 Bloody Heels - shop          Zombie Heels - shop          Ruby Shoes - shop


Hey, it could happen. Zombie, post-apocalyptic, or steampunk versions of Disney princesses are pretty hip right now. Don’t knock it until you try it.


Now here’s a lady that doesn’t need any “sexy twists” added to her style. She’s already got that area covered uncovered. Jessica Rabbit is the red-head hottie from Toon Town. A sultry singer at The Ink and Paint Club, she’s married to comic strip star Roger Rabbit and at one point is suspected of framing him for a crime. It all turns out okay, though! After all, as she says, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”.



If you really want to make an impression this year, she’s a go-to costume for sex appeal. After all, in March 2009 she was voted as the sexiest cartoon character of all time by the Edinburg News. So why not hit the town? Grab someone to dress as your “darling honey-bunny” Roger and you’re all set.


jessica rabbit costume
Dress Set - shop          Wig - shop          Eyelashes - shop
Necklace - shop          Bracelet - shop          Microphone - shop
Red Heels - shop          Black Heels - shop




Let’s finish off our list with a truly horrible villain. Disney movies always feature baddies trying to take over kingdoms or off a princess, but to target puppies? That’s especially despicable! And yet, the woman has this sense of style and finesse that’s hard to deny...


Cruella Option 1

Cruella de Vil appeared on screen in 1961 and immediately grabbed our attention. Even after several decades, she remains as one of the most popular cartoon Halloween costumes for women. Her name is basically “cruel devil” and she owns a country house called “Hell Hall!" But there’s no harm in dressing up as her…as long as you only pretend to chase puppies but don’t really catch one. You could even substitute in a plush handbag for everyone’s safety.


cruella de vil costume
Dress Set - shop          Long Fur Coat - shop          Black and White Wig - shop
Dog Purse - shop        Cigarette Holder - shop        Fake Cigarettes - shop        Black Heels - shop



Cruella Option 2

Cruella is another costume that’s very easy to add a little sexy style to. To maintain her grand and poised nature (until she’s having a rage fit), grab some elegant gloves, a longer wig, a fitted dress, and flaunt your stuff. Then when the night just doesn’t go your way, tousle that hair and rumple those gloves for a more befitting, crazed look.


sexy cruella
Left Dress Set - shop          Right Dress Set - shop
Red Gloves - shop          Long Two-Tone Wig - shop          Red Heels - shop


Finally, let’s close out with a little makeup advice. May we recommend bright red lips and a little green around the eyes? It could represent her toxic personality, or perhaps how green with envy she is over not having enough little puppies around.



Still can't decide? Choose them all-- get your best friends together and go as a cartoon character group costume! Try out our Group Costume Selector for the perfect combination.

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