Kesha Halloween Costume How-To - Learn to look like Ke$ha on Halloween

by |May 13, 2011
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There are so many things to consider when you’re planning a costume for Halloween or a theme party: What will the weather be like? Are you going to a quiet, family-friendly event or a more boisterous affair? Most importantly, (for me at least) will there be dancing involved?

If so, a Ke$ha costume is an excellent choice.

We all love Kesha for her confident, wild, brazen attitude. She doesn’t censor herself or worry about what people think of her. She just has fun. A lot of fun. Here’s how you can mimic Ke$ha’s style:


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Step-by-Step Guide



Ke$ha’s skin always has a dewy look. Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere has a great step-by-step tutorial.


Kesha’s eyes have a smoky, smeared look that, for most people, only naturally occurs at 3 am after a night of dancing. However, you can pull it off any time of day with thick black eyeliner and a smudge brush. We recommend opting for a marker-like felt tip liner such as L’Oreal’s Lienur Intense in Carbon Black. It goes on thick and dark, and you won’t have to worry about it flaking or rubbing off as the evening wares on. Try to start with a thinner line at the inner corner of your eye and make that line thicker as you approach the outer corners. Then go nuts and make the eyeliner on that outer corner as thick as you can handle. Afterward, use a smudge brush to soften the lines.

Right Eye Drama

Ke$ha almost always rocks a design over her right eye (supposedly inspired by A Clockwork Orange.) You can decide whether you want to go for a bright neon color or a glimmering metallic shade, as long as you go wild with it. Try a star that reaches up to your forehead and as low as your cheek bones. No offense to Kesha, but the glitter and the bright colors in the fairy princess makeup kit would work really well for this. (A princess is probably the last thing Ke$ha wants to be compared to.) The Tin Man kit has an impressive luminescent metallic powder that stays in place better than any silver eye shadow ever could.


Kesha Makeup



Remember when you got home from prom and were way too exhausted to remove the 237 bobby pins that were holding your updo in place, so you just left it and went to bed? Then the next morning, when you did get around to taking it down, your hair looked like a crazy mess? That because it had been pulled up and pinned tight for nearly 24 hours, it had insanely long-lasting volume? And how the curls sort of stayed, but as awkward waves instead of adorable ringlets? That’s the look you’re going for.

If you don't want to maneuver a DIY updo (and who does?) consider a wig. One option is this pirate wig. The beads are edgy and unique. You could easily reomove the bow and replace it with a metallic comb or barette to take it from sunsets at sea to the Sunset Strip. Better yet, check out our pop star wig. Wake up in the morning feeling just like (trashy-yet-sexy) Ke$ha.


Kesha Hair



On the Bottom

Ke$ha openly admits to an aversion to pants and instead opts for shredded tights or fence nets with nothing over them. Don't worry! You don’t have to be this brave. Sparkly hot pants or a short skirt may not be her thing, but they will probably make *you* (and the people around you) a bit more comfortable.

On the Top

Choose a fancy black top or dress. It doesn’t have to be as revealing as your tights %20 hot pants combo, but don’t go too conservative. Find something that either sparkles or has a sheer section (ideally both.)

If you’d rather go comfy and casual, grab a vintage band t-shirt. The crew neck will cover too much, so cut it off. You can opt for an off-the-shoulder Flashdance look or make a slit down the front to make your own v-neck.


Kesha is anything but dainty. The same goes for her jewelry. Rings often take up her entire hand, and chunky metallic bracelets overtake her arms. For affordable and trendy options, check out H&M’s collection of accessoires.


Kesha Clothing



It’s not unlikely that Ke$ha single-handedly keeps the glitter industry alive. Whether it’s in powder, liquid, or confetti form, she can’t get enough. You can keep it simple by choosing a shimmering nail polish and eye shadow, but it’s a lot more fun to go all out. Apply lotion to your back, chest, and arms, then have a friend sprinkle some glitter powder into the palm of her hand and gently blow it on top of the lotion-covered areas. You’ll sparkle just like a Twilight vampire under the dance floor spotlights.

Kesha also has a custom cannon that she uses to blast glitter confetti at her fans. You can just carry a plastic bag in your purse and toss glitter or confetti in the air at various points during the night.

WARNING: if you want to keep your friends, only do this if you’re spending the evening out on the town. Even really good vacuums leave flakes behind. A few minutes on someone’s sofa, and they’ll be finding glitter for months. 


Kesha Glitter


Have Fun!

Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t worry about what others think of your dance moves. This is how Ke$ha rolls:  

We get what we want, we do what you don't
Dirt and glitter cover the floor
We're pretty and sick, we're young and we're bored
It's time to lose your mind and let the crazy out
(This place about to!)
Tonight we're taking names, 'cause we don't mess around 
If this look is too difficult for you, just opt for fellow party girl Lindsay Lohan’s style by choosing an orange jumpsuit.<Lindsey Lohan
Images via fanpop. 

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