80s Costume Ideas

by |October 18, 2012
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Somehow, the 80s seem to have come back. Kids who weren't alive in the 80s are rocking My Little Ponies and neon colors. Have you been invited to an 80s themed party? Do you need to know how to dress like the 80s? Do you just want to turn every party into an 80s party? Here are some costume suggestions for you.


Cyndi Lauper Costume

Girls DO just want to have fun. Let's be real: if you want to dress like 80s Cyndi Lauper, you pretty much just need an obnoxiously bright wig, fishnets, plastic jewelry and a few random scraps of cloth to cover your naughty parts. And leg warmers, obviously. Here's a great starter kit if you don't have the time to track down all those components yourself.


Cyndi Lauper costume

(80s Party Girl Costume | True Colors Wig)


Madonna Costume

Of course, there are an infinite number of ways to dress like Madonna. Here's a great early Madonna dress. But don't forget the accessories! Fingerless fishnet gloves, a crucifix and Sean Penn are a good start.


madonna costume ideas

(80s Popstar Costume | 80s Pop Star Wig | Fishnet Fingerless Gloves)


Like a Virgin Madonna Costume

If the above costume isn't sacrilegious enough for you, there's always this sexy Like a Virgin-inspired wedding dress. Plus, you could save it and re-use it if you decide to have an 80s themed wedding!


like a virgin costume

(80s Bride Costume)


Michael Jackson Costume

Say what you will about MJ's later years, I dare you to find anybody who doesn't love Thriller. It's a great costume, and you can train everyone in zombie costumes to dance with you.


michael jackson thriller costume

(Thriller Jacket | Thriller Pants | Michael Jackson Performance Kit | Michael Jackson Wig)


Generic 80s Girl Costume

What's that, you say? You're looking for an excuse to wear a billion neon plastic accessories without the burden of being some kind of recognizable pop star? That's fine! "80s Girl" is a totally valid costume. Don't forget the AquaNet.


80s pop diva

(80s Pop Party Costume | 80s Neon Bracelets | Neon Pink Fishnet Tights)


Generic 80s Rockstar Costume

The bigger the hair, the closer to God. Get ready to fight for your right to party every day, and don't forget to pour some sugar on me.


80s hair metal rocker costume

(80s Rockstar Costume | Blonde Heavy Metal Wig)


Rainbow Brite Costume

Do you guys think the reason Rainbow Brite hasn't been revived yet is that she's like a walking gay pride parade? That's just how children's TV rolled in the 1980s, and with luck, how it will roll again one day. In the mean time, here is a beautiful rainbow lame costume for you. If you have access to several children, make them each dress up in a different hue and voila! Color Kids.


rainbow brite costume

 (Rainbow Brite Wig | Adult Rainbow Brite Costume)


There is also a Sexy Rainbow Brite costume, if you would like to warp some childhood memories:


sexy rainbow brite

(Sexy Rainbow Vixen Costume)


Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach Costumes

The best part about this group costume is that if your party is overrun by turtles, you guys will have that situation under control. The worst part is that if the bathroom flood, people might mistake you for plumbers. You should also prepare to hum 8-bit music all night long. Doot do do, doot do do do do doot do do!


 (Deluxe Princess Peach | Adult Mario Costume | Adult Toad Costume | Adult Luigi Costume)


Sexy Mario, Sexy Luigi and Sexy Peach Costumes

Level up! These also exist. I kind of resent the implication that regular Mario, Luigi and Peach weren't already sexy, but I suppose everyone has different taste.


sexy mario costumes

(Sexy Red Plumber Costume | Sexy Pink Princess Costume | Sexy Green Plumber Costume)


He-Man, She-Ra and Skeletor Costumes

By the power of Greyskull! These costumes represent some of the most powerful beings of the Nineteen Eighties! This is the perfect set of costumes for a couple and their favorite awkward third wheel.


he man she ra and skeletor costumes

 (Adult He-Man Costume | He-Man Wig | Adult She-Ra Costume | Skeletor Costume)


Ghostbusters Costumes

Who ya gonna call, etc., etc., etc. We'll all continue to cross our fingers that nobody makes a horrible Bill Murray-less Ghostbusters 3, and in the meantime, you can suit up and bring your own proton pack. And yes, there is a Sexy Ghostbuster costume. Of course there is. If you really want to impress someone, though, I'd recommend rigging up your own Sexy Slimer.


ghostbusters costumes

(Sexy Ghostbuster Costume | Adult Ghostbuster Costume)


Fraggle Rock Costumes

Dance your cares away! (clap clap) Worry's for another day! Seriously, stop worrying about your group Halloween costume, you guys are gonna be Fraggles (clap clap).


fraggle rock costumes

(Gobo Fraggle Costume  | Red Fraggle Costume | Wembley Fraggle Costume | Mokey Fraggle Costume)

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