New Ghostbusters Adult Costumes

by |May 29, 2024
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New Ghostbusters Adult Costumes

Get ready to suit up and bust some ghosts with our latest lineup of Ghostbusters costumes for adults! Whether you're gearing up for Halloween, cosplay, or a party, these meticulously crafted costumes will turn heads.


Ghostbusters Adult Costumes

Authentic Ghostbusters Costume with Proton PackSlime-Covered Ghostbusters Costume

Our new authentic Ghostbusters costume for adults includes a basic Proton Pack, so you're already one step ahead regarding accessories. The slimed Ghostbusters costume lets you recreate the iconic "he slimed me" scene from the 1984 film or just look like you've had a busy day of busting ghosts. Both costumes will be available for Halloween 2024.


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We hope you're as excited about these costumes as we are! If you need a costume immediately, you can shop all our in-stock Ghostbusters costumes for adults.

Phillip Grace
Phillip Grace

Phillip Grace is a Horror Aficionado at, where he's always showing off his collection of horror movie props. Phillip frequently comes to work in elaborate and terrifying costumes—so don't take your eyes off him!

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