Turkey Costumes for Thanksgiving [Costume Guide]

by |November 13, 2020
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Turkey Costumes for Thanksgiving

The air is crisp and the colored leaves crunch under your feet as you make your way to the door. The rest of the family is waiting but this will be worth it. Your feathers hit the door frame and you proudly walk in wearing the best Thanksgiving costume there is: a turkey costume!

The family erupts in laughter as you flap your wings and gobble loudly. You've really made their day! And as you load up your plate full with food, you're grateful that turkey costumes are perfect for hiding food babies. If you'd like to liven up your next gathering, we've got the kid and adult turkey costume options for you!


Turkey Costumes for Adults

Turkey Costumes for Adults

Adults' Hand Turkey CostumeAdults' Turkey CostumeAdults' Turkey Mascot Costume

If you're looking to be a turkey and surprise your family as well, then these turkey costumes for adults are just the thing you needed! With styles varying from authentic and realistic to silly and fun, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your adult turkey costume plans.

Many of our turkey costumes, like this Adult Fleece Turkey Costume, come equipped with the full-body piece, headpieces, and shoe covers.


Turkey Costumes for Kids

Turkey Costumes for Kids

Kids' Turkey CostumeKids' Hand Turkey CostumeToddlers' Turkey Costume

Get the whole family in on the joke and pick up some turkey costumes for kids as well! After all, everything is better when you do it together! There are plenty of sizing options from the toddler turkey costume to the Li'l Gobbler infant turkey costume. You're sure to find one that fits your needs.

Those kiddos can be li'l turkeys most of the time, so now they'll be dressed for their usual mischief. In addition, the photo opportunities are endless with these charming Thanksgiving costumes!


Did you find the perfect turkey costume for your event? Our selection includes all of the adult and kid turkey costume options that we haven't covered here. We're sure to have the costume that will fit your needs! If you found a costume that you loved or have a funny story to share, please let us know in the comments below.

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