Slay in Touch With These Halloween Greeting Cards [Printables]

by |October 15, 2021
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Slay in Touch With These Halloween Greeting Cards

Hello, Halloween fans! You're in for a trick-or-treat today, because we designed some greeting cards to share with your friends and loved ones. Some are like valentines and others more for friends, so you can send them for Halloween, Valentine's Day, or just because you love horror! The cards feature our favorite Halloween icons, from Michael Myers to Jason Vorhees, Candyman to Leatherface, and more. Have a Happy Halloween!

Click on each image for the full-resolution version, or click here for the free printables.


Pennywise Card

Pennywise Halloween greeting card

You float my boat!


Chucky Card

Chucky Halloween greeting card

I'm your friend 'til the end!


Freddy Krueger Card

Freddy Krueger Halloween greeting card

You're the man of my dreams!


Candyman Card

Candyman Halloween greeting card

You're the bee's knees!


Jason Voorhees Card

Jason Voorhees Halloween greeting card

Slice to meet you!


Michael Myers Card

Michael Myers Halloween greeting card

Have a knife day!


Leatherface Card

Leatherface Halloween greeting card

You're off the chain...saw!


Ghostface Card

Ghostface Halloween greeting card

Wanna watch a scary movie?


Halloween Greeting Card Printables

Download the printable Halloween greeting cards

We recommend printing these cards on cardstock or other heavyweight paper and cutting them with a ruler and craft knife for perfectly straight sides!


Which card was your favorite? Tell us how you used them in the comments below! Also, let us know if you have ideas for more greeting cards or any other fun projects. And remember that we carry plenty of scary costumes at if you plan on delivering your card in person!

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