Back to the 80s: Best 80s Themed Costumes

by |June 15, 2018
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Back to the 80s: Best 80s Themed Costumes

Is the present society, comprised of movie characters, music stars, and high fashion, really your style? Do you ever wish you could go back to the glory days? If you said yes, then you’re in the right place. There’s no better way to celebrate the glory days than donning a totally radical 80s costume! Sure, while time-machines may be something of fiction, and sci-fi stories. However, here at we believe that your costume is the best way to turn back time! Whether you’re at an 80s themed party, hitting the town on Halloween, or trick or treating with the family, these 80s themed costumes are a sure-fire eye catcher anywhere you go!

80s Neon and Workout Costumes

Workout Video Star Costume Men's 80s Height of Fashion CostumeWomen's 80s Height of Fashion Costume
Men's 80s Jock CostumeChild 80s Workout Girl CostumeWomen's 80s Workout Girl Costume

Let’s get physical! In some awesome new workout and neon costumes! Rocking these 80s workout clothes is perfect for anybody who wants to make a statement at the gym… and that statement happens to be “80s workouts are the best workouts, and don’t even try to change my mind!” If that’s too strong of a statement for you, they also make great outfit for themed parties like neon, 80s, and Halloween parties!

80s Music Star Costumes

Men's Freddie Mercury CostumePurple Rock Legend CostumeAuthentic Spaceman Kiss Costume
Old School Rapper CostumeAdult Michael Jackson Thriller JacketAdult 80s Pop Diva Costume

Everybody who lived through the 80s remembers Queen’s performance at Live Aid, and if you don’t, or simply wasn’t around then… look it up right now, seriously watch it. You watch it? Yes? Okay good, now that you've seen Freddie Mercury’s amazing charisma and bravado on stage, we can completely understand wanting to emulate him for Halloween or party with our Freddie Mercury costume. As you can tell we may be a little biased when it comes to rock star costumes, however we do offer a variety of different rock costumes like our favorite Purple Rock Legend Costume and a variety of different Kiss costumes. Rock’s not your style of music? We’ve got you covered, we carry a variety of 80s pop diva and hip-hip costumes. You can show off your “Can't Touch This” moves like MC Hammer in our Old School Rapper Costume, or your moon walk with our variety of Michael Jackson apparel and costumes.

The Village People Group Costume

Cowboy CostumeNative CostumePolice Costume
Construction Worker CostumeSailor CostumeBiker Costume

Have a group of friends you wish to dress up with for your next Halloween costume party? We have plenty of group costume ideas here at, However you came here because you were interested enough in the 80s to check it out. The Village People offers the perfect fit for you and your friends to snap the perfect group Instagram picture on a memorable Halloween night out.

TV/Movie Character Costumes

Adult Ghostbusters CostumeMarty Mcfly CostumeAdult E.T. Elliot Costume
Inspector Gadget Men's CostumeAlf Adult CostumeE.T. Toddler Costume

Much of culture since the birth of the motion picture has been widely influenced by TV shows and movies. This especially true in the 80s: before the age of the smartphone (and social media along with it), much of entertainment came through the television or movie screen. Movies like Back to the Future, ET, and Ghostbusters dominated the box office developing a following still prevalent today. Meanwhile, audiences at home were captivated by shows like Inspector Gadget and Alf for home viewing pleasure. So if you’re a mother, father, or grandparent looking to get a laugh, or nod of appreciation while trick or treating with the kids, you’ve come to the right place! Costumes like our Marty McFly costume, or ET costume are likely to be a hit!

Couples Movie/TV Costumes

Men's Top Gun Flight SuitWomen's Top Gun Flight Suit

Maverick and Goose, name a better duo! What’s that you say? You and your better half? We understand your boo may be your whole world. Which generally means that you’ll take any chance you get for a perfect way to show off your flair as a couple, what better way than to show off an awesome matching couples Halloween costumes? In these Top Gun costumes, you’ll be the talk of the party.

Princess Bride Buttercup CostumePrincess Bride Wesley Costume

Everybody loves a long-lost love story! The Princess Bride truly is a classic rom-com, we all remember the heartbreak fearing Westley’s death and the empathy we felt for Buttercup for her loss. However, Westley had other plans, and eventually found his way back to her heart. Even if your love story doesn’t involve loss and believed death, you can still capture the passion of Princess Buttercup and Westley in our Westley and Princess Buttercup costume.

We hope you enjoyed exploring some radical 80s costume options with us! Are you planning on dressing up in an 80s costume? If the 80s just isn’t your decade, we have plenty of other decade themed costumes like the 20s, 50s, 70s, and 90s costumes! Feel free to let us know if we missed any 80's clothing or costumes in the comments that you’d like to see!

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