Game of Karts [Infographic]

Game of Karts

Winter is coming, and so are spoilers, so consider yourself warned if you’re not caught up with Game of Thrones. When we last saw our players, Cersei had knocked several opponents out of contention, Daenerys was racing across the Narrow Sea, and Jon Snow narrowly avoided a veritable army of dangers. But who will take the Iron Cup? You’ll have to play Game of Karts to see!

And by “play Game of Karts,” we mean “imagine a game that’s like Mario Kart meets Game of Thrones!” We took our favorite “players” and made up karts, stats, and a favorite item. Unlike the books and television series, though, we’d like to think that Game of Karts isn’t as…permanent. Let’s wave the green flag and start, because All Players Must Race!


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Game of Karts

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Game of Karts Player Avatars

We made the individual "player" images available below, to be used as avatars or whatever you want! Click the link beneath the thumbnail to open the full image in a new window. Then just save or download the image like you would any other file!

Game of Karts avatar set 1

Arya                                         Bran                                         Brienne                                         Cersei                                         Dany

Game of Karts avatar set 2

Hound                                         Jaime                                         Joffrey                                         Jon                                         Drogo

Game of Karts avatar set 3

Night King                                    Sansa                             Tyrion                             Valyrian Steel Jon                             Varys


What did you think? Do you want to play Game of Karts as much as we do? Who do you think would win? Tell us all about it in the comments. And if you start a Game of Thrones Racing League of your very own, make sure to pick out some Game of Thrones costumes for a race that no one will forget!

Design Credit: Cody Petersen

Wyatt Edwards

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