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If you want to try taking down the Dark Knight you're going to need one of our Batman villain Halloween costumes to get the job done! We feature costumes for the most iconic villains like Joker, Bane, and the Riddler. We also have Batman villain costumes women will want for their favorite characters like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Shop them all right here to get your sinister plans started!
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Deluxe Child Joker Costume
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Child's Comedian Costume
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Batman sure has a hard time making friends, doesn't he? For every Robin, there seems to be a Joker AND a Harley lurking in the cells of Arkham Asylum. For every Batgirl helping him do good in the city, there's a Scarecrow and a Penguin lurking in the dark corners of Gotham City. Let's face it! The good guys are outnumbered in Gotham and Batman doesn't seem to be making friends fast enough, so you might as well join the winning team, right? That's why we suggest wearing one of out Batman villain costumes and causing a little bit of mischief of your own.

Based on the many characters in Batman's extensive rogue's gallery, these villain costumes include some of the most menacing baddies from DC comics, like The Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and the Riddler. Each costume has a unique look based on movies, video games and comics, so you'll be ready to join the ranks of Gotham's baddest baddies in no time. Monster